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Kors Blog

If you havent already checked out Kors Blog from Saturday's El Presidente have a look at it here.

Any member is free to post a blog on the site but please keep it as a blog only.
We would like to keep our NEWS section separate from 'blogs' in that that they are considered mass audience pieces.

Blogs can be as personal or as broad as you like.

If you have a piece of outstanding (or not) journalism you would like to share with the club please email it to and we can post it under NEWS as requested.

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Turning a new page on NSCC

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Welcome to the new look Northern Sydney Cycling Club website.

Firstly - we apologise for the problems experienced with the previous page but we hope to have overcome them now and reduced the chance of recurrence with this new layout.

This new site incorporates our members feedback from the previous site, NOW allowing ANY member the opportunity to register as a user and "create a ride" that can be edited and scheduled in the Calendar.

Now there is NO excuse that you "didn't know there was a bunch ride on".

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