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Toekn 12 Hour Road Challenge

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By Steve 01 - Posted on 11 November 2008

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.

Just an option if anyone's around in January (10th) Solo Pairs or Fours Road challenge at Penrith around the lake at the International Regatta Centre:

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I imagine there was this group of roadie's on their 2nd latte and 3rd sticky bun just buzzing off their brains, thinking how can we make road riding less appealing and this is their thought process.

Roadie 1 - Lets have a 12 hour road race, that will sort out the soft jocks from the hard core.
Roadie 2 - Rather than go somewhere interesting lets make them go around and around a small road circuit - how boring will that be.
Roadie 3 - Wait we can hold it in the peak of summer through the middle of the day - perfect.
Roadie 4 - Let's do it at Penrith because it will be hotter than hell and a little less appealing - wicked.
Roadie 5 - If we hold it at the Regatta Centre the suckers will see and hear the water, which will be torture as the road temperature passes 40 - cruel
Roadie 1 - Let's also charge them, because they are silly enough to pay - genius.
Roadie 2 - We better get them to sign waiver's this is going to be brutal - smart.

Go Big or Go Home

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they may have decided to do this event to get away from a few mountain bike riders that have no clue about road cycling.

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I've done my share of being a roadie over the years, but you'd have to be barking mad!

I can see it now:

as the heat shimmers above the burning bitumen, the riders frothing at the mouth,
someone shouts, "call a bloody ambulance!"

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If you can't handle it Buzz Off

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like a great day out! count me in chaps! tally ho!

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Genius mate, how very true! Laughing out loud

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like this at Eastern creek raceway (solo of course) it must have been 2-3 years ago but it wasn't in summer. I didn't find it boring at all and was keen to do another one there but they couldn't get a major sponsor and the cost of Eastern creek for a day is quite high apparently. I did well with a hilly 87 laps and 340km in 12 hours, 6th place overall.

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count me in for a team of 4. I race regularly there on Monday night crit races and the course is dead flat, noway i could do it solo or even in pairs, would seriously fall asleep, but team of 4 having a bit of fun would be good.


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solo for me i think???

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I'm interested in joining a team of 4

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