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Battle of the Bridge Round 3 - Michael Potter puts on a Clinic as Norths dominate again!

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By Logan - Posted on 23 July 2017

Another cool but clear morning greeted riders for the 3rd round of BOTB at West Head. At sign on, Alexis was talking about having "bad legs" due to some event on Friday and so wouldn't be starting today. The rumour mill is in overdrive that The Donald has personally requested Alexis be appointed to the role of Press Secretary after reading last week's MWCC Fake News post race report that was published last week. Apparently Trump has been impressed with Alexis ability to overlook facts time and time again and likened the Manly Secretary to "Comical Ali". I think you would all agree that Alexis would be the perfect candidate for this position with the US Government.

Once again Easts and Central Coast were noted by the absence, although apparently Easts did win the Ken Dinnerville today. Alas one result does maketh a season.

Back to the racing and it seemed that the cold weather had put off a number of riders with a lot of no shows across the grades. This was particularly evident in B Grade as both SUVelo and Manly didn't have the numerical advantage that the start list indicated.

In A Grade, Michael Potter (NSCC) put on a clinic, rolling off the front of A Grade, getting a gap and then never being seen again by his former A grade bunch companions until he stepped up onto the top step of the podium. Apparently the Manly riders were really keen to get their 15 seconds of fame on Chris Millers VLog and were fighting for his wheel, when Potter rolled off the front. Judging by the fact that no Manly riders were present last week at Beauie, they didn't witness the rich vein of form that Michael is currently in. The gap Michael had, could be described as daylight, but that wouldn't do it justice, put it this way. I had enough time to order a coffee, drink it, get my camera and get the perfect shot for Potters finish.

I could do a post about what is takes to win A Grade at Manly, but the reality of the situation is Potter made it look easy, rolling off the bunch with a lap and a half to go and decimating the field. He said to me with half a lap to go he was worried about getting caught, so gassed it a bit more. NSCC then proceeded to mop up the remaining places with Jack Renshaw and Angus Calder cleaning up, Angus ensuring that the Manly rider had no chance of claiming points by dropping Jack's wheel and still taking 3rd. Great team racing. NSCC claimed the second trifecta of the series, this time going one better by making it happen in A Grade.

In B Grade and Manly adopted NSCC tactics of old by chasing down their own riders in what looked to be the break of the race. Every club was represented in the move with two riders for each club, apart from Randwick who had one. Central Coast put their two and only riders into the move, with Phil Hey towing myself across. After a bit of swearing in the break, everyone was rolling through nicely. Unfortunately a Manly rider decided that he is indeed bigger than the club itself and chased his own team mates down. I heard at the finish that Alexis Kaless will be giving said rider the Alex Ferguson hair dryer treatment later this week. Billy Paterson did a great lead out for NSCC, almost Team Sky like and had the bunch lined out, single file from about 3kms out and heading into the finish. Dave O'Connell unfortunately got undone at the sprint by a fast charging Phil Hey and Scott Austin.

Unfortunately I don't know to much of what did or didn't happen in C Grade I am afraid, however I am sure Manly will let us know since it was the "People's Race". What I do know is that there were no NSCC podiums, which means there must have been some kind of sabotage in the race!

We await the Points table with baited breath at this point in time, however with two very strong performances over the last two events, NSCC should be in the driving seat coming into the final event now.

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