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Battle of the Bridge Round 2 – The Red and White Walkers Dominate

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By Logan - Posted on 16 July 2017

Winter had well and truly arrived this morning for Round 2 of Battle of the Bridge. The industrial wasteland of Beaumont Road was the venue for the 2nd round and for those unfamiliar, tight hairpin corners awaited them. A fantastic turnout for this morning’s race, with the coffee van pumping out plenty of brews for riders and spectators alike. SuVelo and NSCC brought strong teams to the Crit race of the North, while Manly for all their posturing during the week, had a decidedly weaker team. Infact if you take into account that Matt Dinham is a NSCC Alumni, Manly only claimed 1 podium out of a possible 9 available for BOTB.

Your esteemed writer wouldn’t want to say he could predict the future, but let’s just say if you had a bookie willing to take your money and had read my race preview, you would be a much richer man by now.

A Grade

A Grade was a who’s who of Sydney Club racing, with Nero Racing, Michael Potter, Jake Kauffman, Jesse Coyle et all present on the start line. From where I was sat in the B Grade bunch, the A Grade bunch was together for the first two laps or so before, before a large break moved off the front with a number of Nero Riders, Mick Potter (NSCC) and Jesse Coyle (SuVelo) in the move. Come the final two laps and the real hitters started to make their moves, with Potter and Coyle moving off the front of the break away and coming to the finish together, as predicted in the race preview, Mick Potter is mastering the art of riding hard in the breakaway and then winning the bunch kick from a depleted group, which is exactly what he did again this morning, taking the bunch kick, making it 2-0 for Potter over Coyle at Beauie Worlds and Matt Dinham (MWCC, NSCC Alumni) coming 3rd.

B Grade

In B Grade, NSCC stuck to the tried and tested plan of being aggressive and being in every single move, which is exactly what we did, sending rider after rider up the road to make the race hard. We had plenty of riders off the front with a number of dangerous moves going away but nothing really sticking and while Peter Sagan was content to provide commentary at the back of the bunch, as opposed to actually getting involved in the race. He should have been more focused on when Jack Hawkins lit up the after burners and showed Sagan a clear pair of heals, hot on the wheels of Hawkins there was a show of strength by the red and white towling the remaining two spots on the podium. Jack Hawkins, Jason Thomas and Matt Vassilieff taking out the podium. Sydney club racing has not seen a move like this since last year’s BOTB and before that when Mapai dominated Paris Roubaix in the late 90’s.

C Grade

Unfortunately I don’t know too much about what happened in C Grade, other than NSCC didnt make their numbers count and were impacted by the small bingle at the bottom corner towards the end taking out Phil Ward and a few others. As predicted Daniel van der Sand Bagger (SuVelo) took out the sprint for the win, with Declan Jones (RBCC) and Ben Edols (MWCC) sparing Manly from having egg on their faces, but only just.

Last but not least, in the Ladies race we had 5 women who rocked up to race women's grade and two other ladies signed on for C grade. The bunch mostly stayed together and it came down to a sprint at the end, with Sue Henry (RBCC) crossing the line ahead of Elizabeth Huggins (CCCC) and Deb Ainslie (NSCC). Well done to all who raced.

Next Sunday we move to West Head, where those from the beaches won’t need to get their passports out to head over Beacon Hill, which should mean we see a few more riders in smurf blue for their local race. NSCC will be sure to once again have solid numbers and be looking to put Manly to the sword.

Thanks to Cam Osbourne and Ruth Anne Marchant for the photos.

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