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Cootamundra Opens Racing This Weekend

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By Arch - Posted on 06 May 2017

The famous Cootamundra Haycarters Handicap - or Coota as it is better known - is one the the NSW Open classics.

Rolling terrain on those infamous dead roads where you feel like you are pedalling through treacle, makes this a hard race. That's why it is always seen as the benchmark for true race form.

Being a handicap means that its full gas all the way as the aim is to catch the bunch up the road, yet not get caught by the chasing bunches - as they say you're always on the rivet.

This year NSCC has a smaller contingent than in the past, however the team is quality.

In scratch we have Marcus Culey (riding with St George pro-conti team). Harro Morgan in Bunch 2 (or chopping block as it's known), Ran (Gland) Virdi in Bunch 3 and Andy Logan in Bunch 4.

Good luck to these boys as they will do the club proud on Saturday and also the Recovery Handicap on Sunday

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