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NSCC At NSW Masters Championships

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By Arch - Posted on 25 May 2015

At this year's State Masters in Griffith, the club had 11 representatives across most grades. A couple of notable omissions this year with regular winners, Ross Hodgson and Richard Spinks, not competing; no doubt building for Nationals in September.

It was a great weekend as always with gorgeous weather - not a breath of wind - so people had to dig deep into the Book of Cycling Excuses to blame factors other than the weather for things not going their way in races.

The social side was equally as good with the Victoria Pub and various Italian restaurants getting a heavy workout as NSCC competitors carb loaded on pasta as well as hops, malt and barley.

On the results front there were several successes - listed below are Top 10 placegetters and medallists - but there were also some courageous performances. Watching the Masters 3 crit and seeing Simon Geezer Davies, Ran Viri and Stuart Grieve drive it on the font and dropping legends like Peter Milostic, was a sight for sore eyes. Similarly Jeff Dhu clawing his way back on in the road race after getting pumped showed true grit - although he did have the ugly face on the last climb.

The results highlights were as follows:


Lucinda Skinner (new member)
Silver WMAS4 ITT (see photo)

Tai Huynh
Bronze MMAS1 Crit (see photo)

Craig Hobart
Silver MMAS4 ITT (see photo)

Top 10s

Archie Wilson
5th MMAS7 Crit

Neil Matthews

I would again strongly encourage club members to compete in State Masters; the standard of competition is exceptionally strong which should not deter people as your form will improve dramatically by competing at a good level.

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