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Robert Hodgson Memorial Race 2015 Results

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By shumey - Posted on 05 January 2015

2015 Winners

Platinum – Mens
1st – Richard Lang (LACC)
2nd – Nash Kent (Park Bikes)
3rd – Keegan Aitchison (Southern Cross CC)
4th – Michael Jaeger (Peleton)
5th – Tom Patton (MWCC)
Sprint Prime – Darcy Ellerm (CTTA)

1st – Chris Taylor (MWCC)
2nd – Miro Vadovicas (MWCC)
3rd - Ran Virdi (NSCC)
Sprint Prime – Frank Pilling (NSCC)

Womens handicap
1st - Kim McBurnie (NSCC)
2nd – Victoria McNeill (Peleton)
3rd – Natalie Frazer (MWCC)
Fastest time - Martinette van Vuuren (BiciSport)
Sprint Prime – Kim McBurnie (NSCC)

Congratulations to all riders taking part in the 2015 Robert Hodgson Memorial Race. The high temperatures, humid conditions and fierce competition made for a particularly tough event.

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