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Safety - An Important Notice to All NSCC Members

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By Arch - Posted on 24 November 2014

On behalf of Northern Sydney Cycling Club Committee, I wanted to express our sincere condolences to the family and friends of the cyclist who was tragically killed on Saturday morning on McCarrs Creek Road.

Such tragic events bring us all down to earth on the potential dangers of road cycling and the need for us all to be continually vigilant and conscious of how we ride. I won't comment on the particulars of this latest tragedy, especially as this is now a police matter.

No doubt most of us have ridden that same stretch of road many times and enjoyed the feeling of a thrilling descent with sweeping corners and the opportunity to use our bike handling skills.

However I would remind all club members that descending at speed on a bike is a learned skill that develops over many years; even watch how many grand tour pros descend with care. Too often we see cyclists taking crazy risks - often crossing the white line - on descents such as McCarrs, Bobbo, Akuna etc. Please don't do this and I would implore all members not to ride beyond your technical bike handling ability, just to keep up with others. If you want to show how good you are, practice climbing and take pride on being the first UP a hill, not the first DOWN a hill.

Ride safe for your families' sake
Archie Wilson
Club VP and Handicapper

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