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NSCC Club Champs - The TT Preview

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By Logan - Posted on 28 October 2014

A preview for the first of two events that form part of the Club Champs, this week a look at the TT Event!

NSCC Club Champs - A Preview of the TT and Crit (Part 1)

So with Grafton run and won and a number our members competiting in various events around the country it's time to turn our attention to the Club Champs events coming up over the coming two weeks. I will profile the TT event first and foremost.

The entry list is looking pretty decent at this point in time especially for the Non TT Bike event, however we are keen to see some more people on the start line come Sunday morning.

Main TT Event

For the main TT event, I have it on good authority that Ross Hodgson is pretty keen to win back some of the money he is putting up for this event and is probably one of the clubs most distinguished riders in the race of truth, recently winning the State Masters TT and National Masters TT in his age group. Ross surely has to be the main danger for this event. Ross knows Calga like the back of his hand, has years of experience on the course and for me that would be where my money is to take out the TT event.

On the next line of competitors would be Craig Hobart, again raced at State and National Masters, achieving a Bronze medal in M4 down in Ballarat. Craig would be Ross' main danger I would anticipate, although he has age on his side, the time adjusting will be working against him for this Sunday. Looked pretty decent going up Bobbo on Saturday morning (since that is always the clear test of form) I have no doubt he has been preparing with this event in mind.

The big unknown to me is Phil Chapman or 550 Phil if you will. Don't know much about what Phillip Chapman has been up to, again he would have to rank as a main danger as well.

Next on the list is Darryl Noolan and Neil Matthews for the TT event, Darryl has only recently purchased his TT machine and I have it on good authority he was up at Calga on the weekend trying to dial the position, I suspect Darryl might struggle against the main hitters that have been riding the TT bike for years, however a solid win up at Newcastle would of done wonders for the confidence no doubt. Which brings me nicely to Neil, who if I am being honest would probably be a bit disappointed about his performances in the Masters events, but again I know he has been training for this specifically and Strava doesnt lie either. Will Neil pull out a big performance on Sunday, I believe he will!

Road Bike Only Event

Next up is the Road Bike only event, some solid competitors on the start grid for this one, including Matt Garnon and Harrison Morgan coming off recent Grafton Success, as well Marcus Culley, Craig Stevens, Doug Robinson, John Morrison, Steve Hume and my good self.

Matt Garnon has to be the favourite for this one and I managed to get Matt to give me a quick interview this afternoon about his goals for this Sunday's event and he said he was keen to beat as many hubbards as possible on TT bikes on his conventional Roadie. For Anyone that has done the Thursday ride with Matt, when on form (which he is) he will rip anyones legs off, so clearly a big threat.

John Morrison has been seen doing Bobbo Reps on Monday mornings, serious stuff for a Monday mornign so again has been targeting this event as well while Steve Hume comes off the back of a 2nd Place down at the Mont 24 MTB Event in a Mixed 4 Teams race. Those midnight miles are bound to stand him in good stead.

Dougie has been out training and I know he has been up to Calga as well, as well putting in some time in the skinsuit and aero helmet, however given the Road event has specific regulations around no aero anything, I can't see the benefit of the time spent using the equipment.

Who knows about the rest of the competitos, time will tell and I get the impression that the marginal gaines will make a big difference in the road event.

My Crit Champs Preview will be out early next week!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning

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I'll take on Garnon riding a fixie on Sunday - is he up for the challenge?

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