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NSCC club time trial championships - 2 November 2014

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By veloneil - Posted on 26 September 2014

Planning has been finalised for NSCC to hold its club championship time trials at Calga as part of the Robert Hodgson Memorial Races.

Earlier this year, we held a Criterium road race at Beaumont Road to celebrate the life and outstanding cycling achievements of Robert Hodgson, who sadly passed away in 2013.

The idea of holding a time trial at Calga was proposed by Ross Hodgson, Robert's father, and recognises Robert's time outstanding trialling abilities. Robert still holds the 25kms course record at Calga at 32m:53s set on 3rd February 2008. Details of Rob's record can be found at

There is a memorial plaque at Calga recognising Robert and is located approximately 70 metres past the start line (on your left heading north) on the rock face at about 1 metre height.

Time trialling is often called the "Race of Truth" as you are racing solo against the clock. The Calga circuit is challenging with its up and downs and will test your strength and aerobic capacity. In the past, NSCC has held a strong presence in this form of the sport and this event is seen as a way to promote time trialling through the club. You might even want to challenge your mates and resolve any debates about who is the stronger rider. Recreational riders and juniors who can complete the 25km course are also encouraged to enter.

So on Sunday 2 November, NSCC will have a time trial championship at Calga starting at around 9.15am.

The event will be held as part of the ATTA Calga time trial event scheduled for 2 November, and run under ATTA arrangements, rules and results. ATTA will produce elapsed and adjusted times based on your age.

The following points outline the program for the event.

1. The TT championship will be limited to NSCC members and will be run over the 25kms course starting at Calga, riding to the turnaround point at Peats Ridge and returning to Calga. Details of the course can be found at ATTA website (note ignore the 43km circuit).

2. Ride entry will be via the NSCC web shop at BUT remember you may have to sign in first to see it. The standard entry fee is $25 for riders with race licenses an $30 for recreational riders.

3. NSCC Riders have been allocated a block from 9.15am onwards (on 2 November) and will depart the TT start house at 1 minute intervals and you will be provided your official start time in due course. The TT race is run rain, hail or shine.

4. ATTA will provide time-keeping and advise ride times and adjusted times based on the age standards of the riders held by ATTA. This information for each rider will be sent to NSCC to advise all riders and placegetters.

5. Prizes will be awarded to the top three riders who achieve the best performances against their age-adjusted times. That means that you may not have the quickest time, but you may achieve a place due to your age-adjusted time.

6. Ross and Alison Hodgson are donating the prize money for the top three riders as 1st-$250, 2nd-$150, 3rd-$100. Prizes will be awarded at the RHMR Criterium on Sunday 4th January.

7. Chapeau to all those that just want to remember Robert and who may not have aero bars or TT bikes. To honour these heroes a club member has anonymously donated $200 to the person from NSCC who does the best time on a road bicycle without any equipment specific to a TT eg no skinsuit, no aero bars, no TT helmet, no booties. Just you against the clock with the equipment that you'd attack the bunch with at Beaumont Road.

8. Riders are allowed to use time trial or road bikes. It is strongly recommended that riders arrive early to prepare for the race and to warm-up for 30-45 minutes before hand. For time trialling, it is all about the preparation!

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