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2014 "Youth off the Streets" charity ride - who's up for it in 2015?

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By veloneil - Posted on 26 May 2014

The fifteenth "Youth off the Streets" (YOTS) Charity ride was held in the fist week of May and covered the 950km journey from Sydney to Surfers in 7 days.

This year, Robert Santone, Simon Davies, Jim Ireland and Neil Matthews took part along with 190 other riders from all over Australia. The weather was mostly good after the strong head winds of Saturday and Sunday passed.

This year, the route varied ending up in Ballina at the end of day 6. Day 7 was then a fast (and mostly) flat run along the north coast to Surfers.

Frustratingly though, NSW Police approval for Day 4 (from Laurieton to Nambucca Heads) was not given due to road works, and the entire entourage had to be uplifted ... riders, bikes and bags ... for the 130kms journey to Nambucca. Not to be outdone, many of the riders got in an early 25km ride climbing the 500m ascent (5-26% grade) up North Brother mount in the morning, then doing a 70kms loop west of Nambucca in the afternoon. Next year, the staging will be changed to avoid this problem.

The 10 packs arrived safely into Surfers, where the odd glass (or 3) of ale was consumed. From there, the 200 riders (under QLD police escort) completed the final 15ksm in a mass peloton, with 8 YOTS students on the front.

El Pres has a vision that one year, 18-20 NSCC riders will make up an entire pack. But in 2015, if you are interested in participating in this great event, then chat with Robert, Simon, Jim or Neil and we can start to make the plans for next year.

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Hi Neil,

Great cause. Be a good idea to see if we could arrange to a number of NSCC members on this ride or ride like this.

I'm keen on doing rides like this. Maybe we could do our own one charity ride to start with happy to get involved.

Wayne Grech

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