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2014 NSCC Race and training calander

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By veloneil - Posted on 02 March 2014

The NSCC committee has prepared a calendar for riders outlining important events for the 2014 year.

The calendar includes the following events.

Beaumont Road "Beauie" Criterium races
12 race dates have been set down for the 2014 year and make be run every 2, 3 or weeks depending on other events.

More information will be coming out about the new points series that is designed to encourage greater participation in Beaumont Road Crits by NSCC riders.

Note we have also identified some reserve dates for Beaumont Road races in case wet weather causes a cancellation.

Other club races
The calendar includes MWCC Akuna Bay and West Head Races, Waratahs and other clubs. Take the time to find out what other clubs are doing.

Cycling NSW Open events
The committee has set an objective to boost participation in NSW Open events by NSCC members who have eligible race licences. In particular, Cootamundra, Gunnedah, Mudgee and Kurrajong races should be considered by many NSCC members who want to increase their racing skills - these are well run events, and involve great racing in great locations.

We are working on a travel and accommodation package that will make attendance easier for many new participants.

An information night will be organised for late March to provide an opportunity to come along and get the answers to the many questions that are presently being asked.

Key events
We will be holding the NSCC club championship race after the Beaumont Road series, and is presently targeted for 9 November 2014.

Planning is still continuing for the Robert Hodgson Memorial Time Trial. This is the Golden Beauie race and complements the road race held on 5th January recently.

Key training days
To complement the racing calendar, we have set down 4 training days to build a good base ahead of the Open racing season. These days will involve bunch riding up to 200kms over a 6 hour period, and an excellent way to stretch your training regime and get training tips from your NSCC mates.

We will be holding a "Boot Camp" ride day on Sunday 27 April with a format similar to the Sunderland training day held last year. This will include ride skills, climbing and acceleration, strengthening and race lead out training, and 130-150kms of riding on the day ... so it is a big day out! The day will be conducted by experienced NSCC personnel.

Make sure YOU keep yourself informed
There is a lot planned for 2014 deliberately designed to increase NSCC race participation. The programs that we have set down may change from time to time and we will endeavour to keep the information up to date.

But you also need to make sure that you are asking questions and checking on key events. You should take the time to look at the Events pages at Cycling NSW about up and coming events.

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Those images are a bit hard to see =)

Neil, could I suggest the club set up a public google calendar?

This would be a centrally adminstered calendar that anyone could subscribe to via whatever calendar system they use (outlook, thunderbird, ios, google, etc).

The calendar could also be embedded onto the website in place of the current one.
Here's an example:

This is very easy to set up and I'd be happy to help if you like the idea.

MWCC do this and we can't let them have a better calendar than us can we?

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This website has a calendar, there's no need to set up another. Anyone who'd like advice on how to add their event, social ride, etc. please let me know.

You can find an iCal feed from this NSCC site here (there is a link at the bottom of the 'calendar' page too):

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Wow. I totally missed that ical link down there.

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