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Beauie Worlds Race Report - 16/06/2013

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By Logan - Posted on 16 June 2013

Beauie Worlds Race report by Archie Wilson

We had a large turn-out on a very chilly winter's morning for the June Beauie worlds. Plenty of hard action soon got the blood pumping and everyone forgot about the cold air, as the pace was on in all grades.

In A grade, almost from the gun, Matt (I just got off my death bed) Garnon was off the front and driving hard in a solo breakaway for several laps. He was joined by Coxy from Peloton and a Manly rider and the three soon settled into a strong rhythm and kept a constant distance from the bunch. Rich Makin towed the bunch around for almost the entire race - it seemed like no-one else was prepared to work and Rich torched his legs trying to pull in the break. Next race he promises to bring out his secret weapon, called Excalibur, so watch out guys.

However it was not to be and the three stayed away and contested a very close sprint finish, with Matt Garnon winning by a tyre-width from the Manly rider. After the race Matt dedicated his win to his favourite female politician.

In B grade there was a massive bunch which meant a very fast pace - nearly 40km/hour average, which was about the same as A grade. There were plenty of attacks from an LACC solo rider who kept lighting it up and certainly made sure it stayed lively. Manly were well organised and continually sent decoys up the road to split it up. However despite all the attacks and false breaks, the bunch stayed together until the bottom turn on the last lap, when Archie (if-only) Wilson went wide into the cones and caused a split - for his sins the bunch made him bridge across to the leading group of 5 riders. However it was too little too late and the sprint was contested by a split of 3 NSCC riders and 2 Manly drivers. In a close finish, Craig Stevens (his butchery in West Gordon does make the best sausages in the world) showed power and patience and got up for the win.

In C grade Neil (El Presidente) Matthews went off the front - maybe its a new leadership style - and made sure he kept the bunch honest by firing up. However the bunch came back together and in the final sprint to the line it was an LACC rider who held his line, and nudged out another Sydney-Surfers veteran, Bobby Santone, on the line.

D grade only had three riders so no results awarded unfortunately.

Overall a great morning's racing in brisk conditions - thanks to George Mouyahet for stepping in at the last minute as Commissaire and doing a great job, also thanks to Kim A for again organising the roster to perfection.

Some solid racing again this fortnight, next Beauie is on the 30th June 2013, Manly are hosting their final Club Camps round, so no doubt some great numbers once again.

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Saw from twitter MWCC put up some videos of the finishes:

A grade:

B grade:

C grade:

Thanks to MWCC for the videos!

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A wee bit nippy but the racing was hot. Great riding by all the NSCC guys in lots of moves and impressive to see the current President off the front of his race while a former President was running the whole show.
Well done Matt, impressive win.

Special thanks to Bob Santone who kindly donated his winnings to two young lady spectators. A true gent who has now guaranteed himself a personal cheer squad for future races! Smiling

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Love the Video work - Right on 11 seconds with a perfect timed paused shows it perfect on the line. Wicked! Archie it was half a wheel on the video and I donate my pay every month to her Smiling

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