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An Open Letter to all NSCC Members.

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By Logan - Posted on 29 May 2013

Hello NSCC members …

Firstly, I would like to welcome to the new NSCC committee and believe we have a solid mix of skills and backgrounds to support the club’s direction.

Most importantly, and on behalf of the NSCC members, I want to thank the past committee for their efforts, especially Matt Garnon and Phil Youdale who have stepped down after many years of service to the club. The new committee intends to meet past committee members, to manage the transition, and to understand the current agenda and issues going forward.

In the lead up to nominating as NSCC President, I have been giving some thoughts to what and where NSCC is at the moment. We have a long and proud history as a racing club and that tradition is to be nurtured and developed further. NSCC has an outstanding Youth Academy which is producing some exciting prospects for the future.

We also know that we are seeing a cultural change across NSCC driven by the increased profile of our club and the changing demographic of the members. With the broad community interest in cycling, it is inevitable that we would welcome the growth in new members over the past 2 years.

The club has more than 250 financial members, and includes many other riders on club rides from week to week. By any measure, this is a large cycling club and we need to consider how best to function effectively and to balance the racing and social interests of the club’s members. We also need to determine what we want to look like in 3 to 5 years and do the foundation work now. These ideas will be developed over the coming year, and the challenge for the new committee is do this in such a way that NSCC members feel some ownership in the direction and outcome.

When you think about the various functions of our club, there are perhaps three broad areas to manage:
· What we do … Beaumont Road, the Youth Academy, greater participation in Cycling Australia and NSW race calendars, bunch ride planning and engagement, bunch safety and etiquette, etc.

· General business … our “identity”, administration, treasury, memberships, Cycling NSW interface, etc.

· Communications and marketing … “fostering one NSCC club”, growing our sponsorship base, internal communications and website, external communications with other clubs, the social calendar, functions, etc.

We have already started to consider these ideas, and need to work out where we are best to focus our initial efforts. A revamp of the website is happening now, to use it as the central communications platform to communicate with members and vice versa.

We also want to look at how we can engage NSCC members to assist with the effort, as I know that there are keen talented members that want to contribute but do not want to commit to a committee role. Our challenge is to work out how to harness this enthusiasm.

Neil Matthews

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Well said and I know you will take the club to the next level and do us proud Neil!

You have also brought to the club a new name for when a rider rolls off the front after taking a very brief turn, it is known as "The President's Turn".

At least you showed up for Beaches smash fest given how Foggy it was. Or wait was it just "Marcello I'll be in the box so will try the old it's Foggy excuse"

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