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Post AGM Update - New Committee Members

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By Logan - Posted on 24 May 2013

Following the AGM on Monday I am providing an update on the new Committee Members for NSCC.

Firstly I would like to recognise the contribution that departing committee members have made to the club, in particular Phil Youdale as Treasuer for the last 17 years and Matthew Garnon and Sam Moorehouse as Secretary and President respectively.

The new office and existing office bearers for NSCC are as follows:

President - Neil Matthews
Vice President - Archie Wilson
Secretary - Harrison Morgan
Treasurer - Peter Blansjaar
Membership/Registration - Daryl Noolan
Handicapper - Richard Makin
Coaching - Helmut Vetish
Womens Co-Ord and Beauemont Road TC/Commissar Co-Ordinator - Kim Austin
Clothing - Peter Blansjaar
Web Master - Andy Logan
Sponsorship - Daniel Daly
General Office - Craig Stevens

So welcome aboard to all new committee members, I for one am looking forward to making this great club even greater.

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Is someone able to provide information and details about when the next order of club kit is available? Can you confirm costs and items available? Was there a resolution on the issue with the size?


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