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Adelaide 2013 - Diary of a Hubbard

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By mgarnon - Posted on 15 January 2013

Monday 14th January - Adelaide Hills Explorer (95km)

Met Brett and Jacob on top of Mount Lofty before heading down through Crafers,Carey Gully and on to Lobethal for a brew. Headed down the Gorge towards Adelaide enjoying some blackberries on the way. The 5 of us then going up Corkscrew and across Marble Hill back towards Mt Lofty. Descending Greenhill Rd,8 km descent at approx 65km p/h. Hoax in white station wagon overtaking us and then almost wiping out in the next corner. The only DH all day. Paul and Lisa on way back to Mt Lofty caught a smile from Andy Schleck. (Suspect he was checking out Lisa)
Riding today, Brett , Jacob, Paul, Lisa and myself (undisputed Green Jersey)

Tuesday 15th January - The Humble return of Sally Sit-On (131km)

4 of us headed down the Freeway to meet others at Bocelli's. Headed up the Gorge through Gumeracha and Birdwood. Points for the Green jersey heating up with Sally trying to steel Gumeracha but helping to take points away from the Real. A photo finish then into Birdwood. Regrouping we headed to Handorf via Mt Toren's and Woodside. The real taking it out into Handorf with an early attack. Parked up at HAUS Cafe after 95km, yes there was warm apple strudel , Beesting and Sally's Chocolate cake that was the biggest slice you have ever seen. Wives and kids also meeting us for the stop. Trip home was via Mylor and Aldgate Valley Way. Sally's 5 rides in the past 6 months were clearly contributing to his suffering at this point. Sally begging to be pushed, how could I resist. Zoe and Sally suffering today but solid ride by all. Well done guys. Bunch heading back down the freeway while the rest headed home upto Mt Lofty. I decided an extra lap around Mt Lofty, Piccadilly and Crafers was in order.
Riding today, Brett, Jacob, Zoe, Paul, Lisa, Phil, Sally, Simon (Brett's friend), and myself

Wednesday 16th January - More Hills and Watch the Cars (100km)

7 suckers for punishment today. A quick run down Greenhill Rd to meet the bunch before heading up Belair. A great climb with views back to Adelaide. Today's ride took us through the Coromandel Valley, Cherry Gardens, Iron Bark and up Red Hill. Sally had to call the boss, all the bergs had us running late. This had us chasing but at the next intersection which way did they go, left and straight to stirling or right and back via Mylor as originally planned. Went right!! Doh looks like it's Just Sally, Phil and I, no matter extra Km's. Arrived at Stirling at designated Organic Market (Home of hairy armpits, left wing and a good coffee). On arrival learning that Lisa had been hit by a car, luckily at slow speed on a steep berg so only bruises and grazes. Classic case of rice bubbles licence and a I can fit that gap mentality. After coffee 4 of us continued to enjoy the Adelaide hills finding a rare secret road "little italy" connecting us from the basket range to Marble Hill. It was time to then head home and to the pool. Afternoon activity Strawberry picking at Handorf. 2 Families 4 large tubs, $9.50 KG how much damage could you do? Paul "Now I need the toilet" decided it would be cheaper if we ate more before leaving the field. 3.5KG later and a full stomach decided that is why you pay $3 pp for the privilege of picking your own. Awesome Strawberries!!!

Riding today, Brett, Jacob, Phil, Sally, Paul, Lisa and myself

Thursday 17th January - Did Someone Turn up the Heat? (97km)

Thought I had joined Peleton overnight turning into coffee riders who were scared of a little heat. 43 Degrees perfect for an epic right? Wrong! There was no Chapo, Greg T or Bazza, old school stupidity would just have to be a memory. 5 riders quickly turning to 4 but enjoying the basket range and being sprayed by the local fruit grower. Tomorrow we might grow extra limb's or rip the pro's legs off I'm not sure. Parking up at Lobethal it was noted Paul now had several legal cases to run once home, one against yesterday's driver and today the "Over spray contamination". Brett "it's going to be 43 today" suggested the Gorge as a cool return to Adelaide option. The only thing that was cool was seeing Lampre suffering in the heat riding up the Gorge. Despite the heat all 4 still going back up Norton's Summit (2nd time for the day) before heading home. Dinner booked tonight for 17 at Bravo's

Riders Brett, Jacob, Zoe, Paul and myself

Friday 18th January - Wine, Wine and more Wine! (4 Wineries, 3 cases)

Whilst a bunch of NSCC faithfuls headed to up the scenic gorge to Birdwood a small breakaway group went to McLaren Vale. In my opinion the best red win region in Australia. TDU isn't really the reason for coming to Adelaide. Really enjoyed Kangarilla Rd, Olivers Taraunga, and Kay Brothers. The highlight was when asking Sally's better half "was she not a white person" and receiving the response "Do I look like white to you?". Fair response on all accounts and lesson learned drink less red wine it might also stop your teeth going purple. I never knew so much red had the same effect as lots of candy!

Saturday 19th January - Strathalbyn Here we Come! (162km)

6:30 time to leave Mt Lofy, No sign of Sally, where could he be? Room was quiet, apparently he's gone soft these days and prefers sleep. 9 Riders fronted up at Bocelli's, Brett meeting us only to do a short ride to go out with Family. Yeah I know I didn't believe him either, reckon he just rode to Bocelli's for a coffee Smiling Steve scaring all at the coffee shop with a gun shot as he showed us how not to put in a new tube. Was a cool morning which unfortunately had me stopping for a slash more times than Lance Doped. Once underway headed up Belair, through Clarendon, Meadows and onto Strathalbyn. The run into Strathalbyn a really nice sweeping valley Rd. The bakery was awesome as always requiring several purchases. After a good park-up we headed back up another valley winding way and into Maclesfield before taking a bad turn to Meadows/Echunga rather than the quieter route to Flaxley and Echunga. Returned to Stirling via Mylor where we said goodbye to Phil, Andy, Ethan and Steve. Quick lunch at the Organic Cafe, said goodbye to Paul and Lisa before taking Geoff for extra's in the Adelaide Hills, Basket Range etc. Yes there was again additional nature stops. Returned home to an unimpressed wife who was keen to head to the tour village, Winner!!! Bought a new Bike (I wish).

Riders, Andy, Ethan (I have hairy legs), Phil, Steve, Paul, Lisa, Geoff and Myself.
(Oh Brett who met us at the Coffee Shop at 7am.)

Sunday 20th January - One Tree Hill (114km)

7am Bocelli Start, Headed NE and up Ansty's Hill, where Mitch several years ago tested his sliding skills into the guard rail. Houghton, Inglewood, Chain Ponds, Kersbrook then headed up Kersbrook Hill. The downhill section quickly turned into a swap off and chase, even Sally couldn't resist a good rabbit. Approaching one Tree Hill was spectacular, however was easier than it looked. Looped back around to the base of Ansty's Hill before heading into Adelaide for a parkup. Fueled up we went back up Green Hill Rd to home which had Sally chewing his Stem. Paul sitting on for 2/3 of the climb thinking Sally was taking it easy only to come around and then drive it on Sally. Headed into town for the Criterium to watch with a big bunch of NSCC lads. We certainly felt the rush just wish I had put a bet on since it was the surest bet ever! Home to bed after the race was stuffed only to be woken at 1am by some laughter and heaving sounds. It was the Samara the "Bus driver" who had stopped in to drive our porcelain bus. Apparently Sally and Samara went out after the race to catchup with a friend and got food poisoning! Smiling

Riders Sally, Brett, Andy, Ethan, Jacob, Zoe, Paul, Liam, Steve, Geoff and Myself

Monday 21st January - Coachouse Anyone, Suckers!!! (105km)

7am Start at Bocelli after a quick descent down Green Hill Rd. Destination Norton's Summit but the murmurs of Coach House Began. All but 2 made the right hand turn. I gave my usual advice "Don't go hard early". As always the climb didn't disappoint putting everyone in the box and ensuring one would walk. Mt Lofty for a quick peak before heading across the hills to Belair where Steve had a narrow miss with a car cooking a corner. Down Belair and to Glenelg for park-up at Chibo's. Finally headed back to Adelaide and up Green Hill Rd back home. Spent afternoon at Glenelg water slides and beach. Massive feed at the Strand.

Riders Sally, Brett, Dave, Andy, Ethan, Steve, Geoff, Jacob, Zoe and Myself.

Tuesday 22nd January - Lobethal TDU Stage 1 (145km)

7am Bocelli. Brett, crook with stomach bug, Jake turning around up the Gorge with the same bug and Andy Food poisoning so also out. Crept up the Gorge (Said goodbye to Zoe who went to Birdwood), Fox Hill and to Lobethal Bakery. After a good park-up headed to Woodside, Balhanah and back along Green Hill Rd. Said goodbye to Kim, Deb, Jake's Brother (Tom), John and Sally. Phil, Geoff, Paul and Myself headed down Swamp Rd back to Lenswood. Headed back to Basket Range towards Adelaide and looped down through some goat tracks and back up "Little Italy". Back up Oxygen Hill and bumped into Richard Spinks and John Irvine (NSCC boys). We then headed back to Lobethal to watch the race. Also bumped into several other NSCC lads Paul + wife, Steve and Family. Great to see so many NSCC lads. Arrived in plenty of time to get a good position on fence just past the finish line where we watched Andre Smash everyone in the sprint finish. After the finish rode back to Adelaide via basket range with 3 Astana Boys. Dinner tonight was at the Earl of Leiscter for FAMOUS Snitzel. The Snitzel large enough to even put Geoff in the box.

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miss the 43degC 6 hour epics!!!! Gen Y are soft!

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Sooo True!! Gone are the good days and hard arse rides. We have all gone SOFT! No epic rides this year.
No Victor Harbor, No Rapid Bay 230km sun bake ride Sad

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