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Club Kit

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By Kors - Posted on 30 November 2012

Club members,

Following much anticipation we can confirm that the latest order of club kit will be available FROM MONDAY 3.12.12 at Hornsby Cycles.

Kit will not be available until then. Hornsby Cycles is open till 7pm Monday night.

If you have placed a pre-order with Hornsby Cycles, your kit will be put aside and held for you.

Hornsby Cycles is performing the function of clothing distribution voluntarily for the club. Please respect that kit is available from Monday morning.

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Went in today to try to get some new kit - small (and XS) is sold out already!? Seriously!? Looks like I'll be wearing the ford kit for a while.....

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It's because the jersey sizes don't exactly match the old Ford kit - each size is slightly larger than the old kit even though it's the same manufacturer. I guess lots of people have been exchanging what they ordered for the next size down....shame after all the effort the committee went to in designing and ordering it.

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Seems jerseys are a half size too big. Downside of to going from S to XS is that you lose the three rear pockets but get two slightly larger ones.

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Yeah I know I can just ring Peter and ask but I thought I'd canvas the brain trust.

I did put in a pre-order aaages ago: does the sizing problem mean these have been plundered by now?

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All kit in XS & S size were sold out within a few days of order arrival (a month and a half ago) so I suspect sizes such as M will have gone the same way too.
It appears that pre-ordering was no guarantee of getting kit (which makes it a bit pointless it seems).
Hopefully another order went in straight away and the sizing issue was mentioned but that's pure speculation.

There are also no track mitts in stock. Don't know about socks.

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In the previous kit and that's only when I'm being a chubby funster. So I'll be waiting for the next batch of smalls with everyone else cheers Neil!

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We didn't order extra as we just wanted to get the kit out to people. Last time I heard Medium was still available but be warned the jersey is a touch big even on me.

At this stage we have a committee meeting in a few weeks where more kit ordering will be discussed and a decision made.

As in am sure you can appreciate we need to find a balance between having kit in stock vs having all of the club funds tied up in assets.

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I'm in no rush, just wanted to find out the score before heading up the road. I've got some tippex, I can doctor my old kit in the meantime Smiling

Although would hardened tippex count as an aerodynamic aid?

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On when there might be a new delivery of club kit? I'm feeling very 'last season' in my old duds.

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I have a committee meeting, so I should have some news then. I will update here.

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No drama but has anyone asked Capo why the sizing apparently went awry last time? Makes it hard for the committee to order the correct amount per size if Capo sizing isn't consistent I'd guess.

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That issue, so will have a update on Monday hopefully.

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A restock has been ordered and we will have a ETA on delivery in the next 2 weeks.

Can I please ask for people not to call Hornsby Cycles, these guys distribute the kit on behalf of the club and don't have any information in regards to the new orders, ETA. So can I please ask people not to inundate the shop with calls about kit.

If you have any questions about kit please post them here and I will do my best to answer them.

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Are we able to reserve or is it first come, first served?

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Can you confirm again what is available. Is there an updated Gilet? Is there an updated long sleeve jersey/jacket?
Gloves? Socks?

Logan's picture

I don't have a kit list of what we ordered to hand, but I know we didn't order socks or gloves. Gilets have been as standard in the order and will be ordered again. I think we have ordered some long sleeve jerseys as well, but don't quote me on that.

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any updates on when kit will be available? im stuck wearing pink and purple Smiling

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Not at the moment.

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