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Club Kit order

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By Kors - Posted on 02 October 2012

The club clothing order has been placed. Delivery is expected in 4 to 6 weeks. We will keep the club updated as the supplier confirms the delivery date.

If you had either placed an order with Hornsby Cycles or emailed the club earlier this year and received a confirmation email, your order has been included.

The club has ordered sufficient additional kits to the above to deal with the expected demand.

The club kit design ordered is attached.

120915_V4_NSCC_Clothing_CAPOCustom_SSJ_Corsa_NSCC_V4.pdf322.41 KB
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Looking good!
Thanks to all involved, especially our new sponsors, for getting the summer kit order placed.
Two quick Qs;
Is that the race team only design or is white now available for all members?
Is there a image of the (bib)shorts design too or is it just the same as existing with the old sponsors logo replaced with TASR logo?

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Q1: That is the standard kit now, there wont be a race kit now as I understand.
Q2: Dont know.

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Thanks Andy.

Really impressed with the kit and now having a main sponsor we'll be proud to promote.

My crash and ruined kit may have been timely after all... Smiling

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Is there a way to place orders now to reserve kit?

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Hi Chris. Hornsby Cycles are running a spreadsheet with orders. Just give them a call.

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Just wondering if there's been any news of the delivery as yet? Very keen to get into club kit soon!

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Should have some additional information in the next week or two about Kit.



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thanks Andrew.

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