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Ross Hodgson 2nd in MMAS7 at State Champs

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By Kors - Posted on 09 September 2012

Ross Hodgson got 2nd in MMAS7 after doing most of the work on the front in a 2 man breakaway. Ross was sandwiched between 2 Penrith riders with the other Penrith rider a minute back.

Quote from Ross "where is the rest of the club when they could be here in glorious Gunning on a spring day - only 2 hours from Sydney"

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Good job Ross, Richard, Andrew, Harro and Neil ! It was indeed a perfect prefect day for a race and the Gunning course was in excellent shape (compared to Coota roads in winter for sure). John Irvine and I enjoyed chasing the MAS 5 bunch home along with other stragglers. In any case we shall have another crack on the same course, the Nat. Masters, on Oct 6. It will no doubt rain Smiling

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