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New Saturday Bunch Ride - Le Rêve (aka The Dream Ride)

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By Kors - Posted on 04 June 2012

There are now three bunch rides for you to choose from on a Saturday morning.

The newest on the block is La Rêve which is the filler ride between the slightly slower, cruisier Guns 'n Roses and the steam train that is El Presidente.

Anyone wanting to join make sure you brush up on Bunch ride etiquette and safety.

Cycling is a dangerous sport and your actions affect the safety of others. They also affect the public's view of NSCC and cyclists in general.

A Disclaimer: These are not officially sanctioned due to possible liability issues for the club. They are rides where a number of cyclists regularly turn up and ride in a group.

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For Le Reve if you get dropped from El Prez...

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Don't get dropped too early! Eye-wink

The current start time is only for the next couple of Winter months and will then return to the normal 06:20 time for the rest of the year.

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TBH, I have no idea how much fitness I'll have lost due to my three-month layoff (stupid tendinitis) so El Reve will probably be a good solid pace to come back to!!

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Drop your name in the relevant calendar entry when you mount your comeback so we know you're coming and we'll see you then.

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Depends on whether the weather is kind and whether I Disobey the Physio, mainly...

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