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Good Friday Ride - Wisemans and Beyond Epic

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By Logan - Posted on 27 March 2012

Friday, 6 April, 2012 (All day)

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

8 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
I'll be there, no matter what the weather.
Meeting Point: 

Hornsby Pool

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

Good Friday Ride - Up to Wisemans and beyond.

Thanks to Harro for putting together the ride, as opposed to going to the Southern Highlands we figured we could use traveling time to inflict pain on ourselves instead.

Meet at the Pool at 7am.

Who's in?
Logan, FullNelson, Geoff Goh, mgarnon, Arch, Gary the pom, Hubbard Express, nmatthews, Rick K, RMakin, jason fan, PaulMo, Greggy T (13 riders)
Logan FullNelson Geoff Goh mgarnon Arch Gary the pom Hubbard Express nmatthews Rick K RMakin jason fan PaulMo Greggy T
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keveddy's picture

Consider me a 50/50 shot deoending on whether I have the full use of both legs... Smiling

Arch's picture

Or can I put on the deep dish wheels? I dont want to make the same mistake as the Highlands Blinder, with a 23 tooth on the back

Logan's picture

I know the road up to the top of the Peats Ridge (Wisemans Ferry Road) does have one really big climb once it moves away from the river, + Galston, the road down to Calga is pretty lumpy and then you have Brooklyn as well.

Here is a profile of a ride out to Sackville we did with Maddog:

I found the above on Strava which will give you a idea as well, of the last half I guess.

SueF's picture

Im in, i want to earn my easter eggs this year! Whats the expected finish time?

Logan's picture

depends on stops I would imagine, Anytime after 3pm I would think.

Arch's picture

I think I will bring the climbing wheels and cassette

Gary the pom's picture

I am in but will be bailing out at Wisemans and coming straight home down Old Northern road 3pm is a bit late for me.

nikos's picture

I'd love to come!

But I'm a hoax and I don't ride my bike so no go.

maddog86's picture

Good to see y'all are heading out to my old hunting ground Harro! Mega! Archie- bring your 25mate, up to Mangrove mountain will be a drag especially with 150k in the legs already. Harro- I hope you realise this is the 'double wiseo's' very few have ever attempted this, the only one I know who has completed this is the legend Rob Hodgson. You will be out there 8hours+ I GAURANTEE you... Maybe consider stopping at wiseo's hangin a left behind the pub and taking 'Laughtondale gully Rd' back up, you wont be dissapointed!! Good luck troop!

maddog86's picture

Take a 25 mate, definately!

El Presidente's picture

I'll be on suicide watch at Peats Ridge

Arch's picture

Now you got me worried

Hubbard Express's picture

See the revised loop. It has been zoomed in and checked, there were a few discrepencies!


Hubbard Express's picture

There is also another loop:

It is 140km back to the pool. If you do berowra waters and bobbo it is 170km.

Logan's picture

Hmmm the loop you posted is 263?

keveddy's picture

Knee won't hold up to that unfortunately. Shame - was looking forward to this epic!

SueF's picture

No other club rides planned for Friday ?

Neil_in_Oz's picture

Maybe give Kim A a shout?

FullNelson's picture

Well if that isn't the best ever loop I don't know what is. Perfect day for it. All along the river was awesome. 236km all up for me. Thanks heaps for organising this ride!! Strava link.

Arch's picture

Great ride. Thanks to Andy for organising, Harro and Rich M for making sure we didn't end up in Singleton. And double thanks to Rich M for spending so much time on the front.
Oh and special mention to the special people at the Wiseman's Ferry greasy spoon cafe, who make the worlds worst chips


Logan's picture

It was a excellent day, great roads and company and an awesome turn out. Its great to see so many people keen to get out and do some major K's, hope to see some impressive turn outs for the NSW Open's this year.

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