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If a (Stephen) Tree falls on a highway, does anyone hear it?

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By El Presidente - Posted on 02 October 2011


Day 4 Update - 768km Complete

Sept 23
Parked up in Mackay now and completed 768 Km in 4 days. On to Rockhampton over the next 2 days. Had strong head wind for the last 2 days. While a head wind is one thing, pedalling hard for 16 hr and av 23-25 kmh seriously plays on your mind.

Tomorrow will be a light day of 120km then another big one 208km will land me in Rockhampton

Friendly locals not far from Cairns

Day 7 Update - 1200km Complete

September 26
In Gladstone now and booked in for 220km to arrive in Childers tomorrow.

Had to buy a new rear wheel in Rockhampton as the spokes were about to pull through the rim.

Getting a bad knot in my left thigh that I have to work out every night (yeah....thats not in your thigh Stevo!? - ed). The hardest part of the trip is the money! So far the trip looks like its going to cost around $3,000 for this escapade. It's hard finding a bed every night coz due to the local economies all consisting of mining towns and as anyone knows, when there are big dollars to earn, everything else costs more too.

Expect to be on the Gold Cost in 4 days (October 30) then only 890 Km to go.

Day 11 Update - 2000km Complete

I just thought the last 2000 Km was too easy so I thought I'd take all the skin off my left side today to make the last 1200km a little more interesting.

So what happened....I was on the freeway going down hill quickly. As I approached an exit, I looked behind me to see if it was clear to move over. When I turned back to the front I hit a coffee table! Yes....a coffee table and went for a slide.

Bark off at the local dog kennels

Fortunately, no broken bones and the bikes fine. So in essence, it was a good crash (it is worth noting here that Stephen is an ex Triathlete and these occurrences, while now are much less frequent following his full commitment to road riding, are still slowly being weened out of Stephens skills set! - ed)

I'll have my first and only rest day tomorrow. I'll use the time to bandage wounds, regroup and then Sunday Oct 2 will be the long hop 250 Km to Grafton.

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Didnt know he was riding from Cairs?

Good work Tree, keep it up!

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LOL! Didn't even notice that.....

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