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Weekend Bunch Rides You Should Get In To

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By El Presidente - Posted on 07 August 2011

There is not much time left!!!!!! To enter the remaining races for this years open season.

NSCC has had a good showing at recent opens and the new Saturday afternoon tradition of cheese, wine and biscuits is set to entice even more members away.

You only spend 2 odd hours of each day racing, so there is plenty of time to meet and get to know other club members, talk about the Tour De France (without your partner telling you that’s enough), as well as seeing the regions sights. i.e. In Mudgee all the wineries and cheese shops.

Attached below is a list of the major races left this year. You can sign up by going to the cycling NSW website.

Garmin files are linked below so you can see the course, click on More Detail after the first window to see more.

Club members will be doing some rides in the lead up to the races, which are open to all club members to come along.

These will be held on Sundays (weather pending) and are also listed below. Meeting point for Sunday ride will be Hornsby Pool.

Please notify Harrison Morgan or Richard Makin
if you wish to attend one of the organised rides or join on the calendar page.

Find a weekend that suits you, chuck on your new kit and throw the leg over. The Goulburn to Citi reconnaissance is the pick of the lot in my opinion. A great quiet road throughout the Southern Highlands with only 1 moderate hill (no more than Mt White) to tackle. Plan is to meet locally and drive down with park up for lunch post ride in Camden town centre.

See you on the bike and check the Calendar for these events in more detail.

Bunch_Rides_and_Races_left_to_come.pdf20.86 KB
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Those training rides look great. Cant wait. So geed for the best races of the year coming up as well. Yew!

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thanks for this, always good to know what rides are planned.

Though I'm pretty sure if you're able to do a somersby loop after beauie then you haven't raced hard enough...

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I would love the opportunity to ride AWAY from Goulburn, so what are the details on that ride?

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Check the calendar page for the Goulburn details. We will notify all club member closer to the day but lock in the dates to confirm your attendance.

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The highly anticipated maddog mystery tour has been postponed to september 25. Ride director himself cannot attend his own ride on 21Aug. Strap yourselves in for some fun filled mystery, wonder and beauty through the hidden nooks and crannies of NW Sydney on sept 25!

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Keen to stretch the legs

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