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Maddogs SOLO Huntingtons Disease Charity Ride Begins this Weekend.

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By El Presidente - Posted on 15 June 2011

There is only a matter of days till Maddog jets off to Brissy to throw his leg over his trusty Kuota and embark on his return solo ride to Sydney. He begins this weekend.

If you haven't already, please take the time to support one of NSCC's most loyal members in this totally unsupported mission to raise money for Huntingtons Disease.

Maddog himself is a Type 1 Diabetic so to embark on a ride of this calibre while also contributing toward a charity outside his own interests is truly remarkable.

Many members have contributed so far which is fantastic. Thank you.

You can see more about his ride here

or visit the previous article on our forum

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Found this on another site.

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I have been in contact with Justin to get a update on his progress with the ride from Brisbane to Sydney

After 2 days he is a bit tired but in good spirits the journey so is as follows

Day 1 Murwillumba which was 210km he told me that there were a few long hills, as his massuer getting updates on his condition, his legs tired.

Day 2 was from Murwillumbah to Grafton which was a 230km ride, quite a few long drawn out hills, condition legs and body tired dont blame them.

Day 3 will be a shorter one with only 120-140km ride to Dorrigo, will contact Justin tonight to get a update.

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Justin has certainly set himself a tough schedule!

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Day 3 Justin did the trip from Grafton to dorrigo k's for the day was 150km included more hills lots of climbing, and throw in lots of dirt roads. Traveling from Dorrigo to Armidale. More updates later.

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Hey Bring it home Maddog.. anyone heading out to meet him tomorrow? I hear he expect to hit Pie n Sky at 2-2:30pm

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Justin has told me that he will be @ pie in sky around 2pm so if any ones is around you should meet him. I will be there.

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