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Nominations for 2011 Thornleigh AutoBody Crash Award

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By El Presidente - Posted on 02 June 2011

5 Votes for Daniel Daly

1 Vote for Jamin Hill

Dan is well on his way to taking out NSCC's 2011 Thornleigh AutoBody Crash Award with some impressive recent numbers! They are becoming so frequent that we can now categorise them into 2 categories - Racing and Training

Race Crashes

More often that not a single crash in a race can mean day done. Often they are so bad your race entry also costs you a new bike. However Dan entered the 2011 B2B with a nice handicap and plenty of confidence.

Unfortunately, his day was not be with not 1 but 2 crashes throughout the race.

Training Crashes

With high aspirations for a successful season following extensive chamois time over the past few months - training crashes are also inevitable.

A recent visit to the Southern Highlands saw Mr Daly follow in the illustrious tyre tracks of El Presidente earning some nice wet gravel rash. Together with Andrew Gardner the 3 of them limped sore and sorry home UP Camberwarra and Barrengarry Mountains. (Please note - these are not enjoyable hills to have to drag a gammy leg up)

This week on Monday morning riding to work with the Secretary on Beecroft rd, the "rubber side down" concept, once again escaped fearless Dan, with the expander joints brining him down.

New NSCC member Jamin Hill also came down that morning in the exact same spot.

Then on Monday night, committed to keeping up the training regime and passing up a pleasant train ride home in the dry, Mr All Mountain Conditions Daly braved the pouring rain and howling wind and chose the "safer" option of Browns Water Hole as his preferred route home.

Most Outdoor Adventures (Alby Mangles, Malcolm Douglas, Bear Grylls) have told us before that intense rain falls and creeks are a high risk area for flash flooding.

Before Dan knew it, the sun was down, the trail was dark and at the fjord crossing, he was in water upto his leg and the power of the water was enough to wash the wheels from under him and himself, down the creek.

Poor Dan....frame is cracked, he is a mess and he almost drowned the water was that strong. But this really is too good a story to not share among friends.

Hope you find the bike of your dreams now Dan and the leg heals quickly.
I'm sure it takes more than a few scratches and a busted bike to keep you away from racing.

See you on the road soon.
(Information supplied dutifully by NSCC Secretary)

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Bad luck Dan, At least bikes are cheap at the moment!

Andy needs a nomination as well.

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I believe El Presidente needs a nomination after leading the charge into the bushes on the Southern Highlands Weekend

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Especially as everyone was warned the descent was skethy as all hell coming down there, first corner 3 people into the bushes.

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I cannot confirm or deny these allegations at this time.

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