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Support those who support us....

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By El Presidente - Posted on 17 May 2011

As with any social sporting club, we are a non for profit organisation. We have over 250 members across all age groups.

One thing that often attracts new members to NSCC is the support we can offer.

Whether it be logistical, financial or educational support for new and existing members, NSCC has long been regarded as a club who has a strong commitment in giving back to our members.

But if we're a non for profit organisation, HOW can we do this year after year?

A common answer I hear in discussion is that funding must come from Beaumont Road Race entries.

Sorry - wrong answer.

If you've raced at Beauie you will be well aware that the race entries go straight back into the days prize money across all grades, insurance and fees associated with a sanctioned NSW Cycling event.

Ok then, so it must be from the cost of annual memberships?

Wrong again. NSCC receives simply a token "processing fee" as such for yearly memberships. All but approx $10 of your membership goes toward Cycling Australia Insurance and licensing fees.

So then how, on top of rider support, race entries, running an elite A Grade team and putting on a few annual get togethers can we afford top quality kit at often less than half the retail price???

The answer - SPONSORSHIP.

For over 3 years companies owned and operated by NSCC members like MACE Water Monitoring Solutions, MOITS Rock & Dirt, Thornleigh AutoBody and YSCO Geomatics have put up their own private investment to give back to their fellow members.

These are efforts of their own good will and as a member we should all say thank you for their commitment.

Moving forward, we continue with this fantastic support in the form of some new sponsors who in a few cases are new 2011 NSCC members.

Please take the time to visit the sponsors page and understand who is helping make your club a sustainable and enjoyable club to be involved in.

Please support these businesses where you can and if you can't feel free to refer to plaster their names Tour de France style all over Bobbin Head Road.

ps - please dont graffiti Bobbin Head road, its a National Park.

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Easy way to show NSCC members are supporting this particular sponsor is to register on their website and put NSCC down as your organisation.

PS they also currently have a 25% off deal running using this code: tribe25
My order was delivered within 2 days.

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