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Thursday 5th May a miraculous morning

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By Gary the pom - Posted on 05 May 2011

A beautiful morning for a training ride, only 3 takers this morning, myself, and Misters Campbell and Garnon, after the usual cruise through Bobbo and onto Terry Hills it was suggested to myself and Mr C to ride with Mr Garnon to St Leonards to join him for the compulsory post ride coffee, I suggested to Mister Garnon, aka 'Mr Ty Tarse' that if we were to accompany him to St Leonards for coffee, then he should be paying !! to my amazement he agreed, I thought surely I had mis heard him, however on arrival at St Leonards I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me, may be the ride had been too hard and my vision was blurry or impaired, but no there it was I was witnessing a true miracle Mr Ty Tarse was first into the cafe and ordered 3 LARGE CAPPUCCINOS !!, OMG, both myself and Mr C were speechless, it was only later that Mr Ty Tarse informed us that one of the coffees were free on his loyalty card, some things just never change !!

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Think I walked past you guys outside the 3 Bean Cafe on Atchison Street this morning. Either that or another couple of members kicking back there.

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All was amazing until the next fine Campo's brew was delivered on my nickel though

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