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Secretary expresses disappointment throughout display of insanity

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By El Presidente - Posted on 16 April 2011

Just about cyclist who woke up in Sydney this morning had no second thought about leaving their trusty steed neatly racked in the garage.

With a beaches loop scheduled for El Presidente, the NSCC Secretary, as always, was keen as ever to stay true to his word and committed to the bunch ride.

This is a short account of the NSCC President and Secretary's opposing views regarding this mornings ride......

El Presidente awoke as usual at 5.30am but this time to the sound of heavy rain and the "Angel of Death" ringtone blazing from his phone only inches from his head. It was dark and no doubt wet outside.

"Harden The .... Up - just like the old days. See you at Pearces"

was the text message that followed immediately after the ignored phone call. Anyone who knows Matt Garnon, knows that if you don't turn up at Pearces, EXPECT TO GET A PHONE CALL regardless of the time of day, family situation or pre declared prior commitment.

Coming off a big night out a Peter Coombe concert, El Pres was a little shady and had no intention of getting out of bed this cold, wet morning.

A second phone call came at around 6.20am which again was ignored without guilt followed by the standard text message.
I can only assume that Matt thought everyone was as delusional as himself and was expecting the usual 20-30 strong bunch kitted out in mudguards and rain jackets rolling through Hornsby.

"Can you please sms the club to inform them I am 5min late. Hold up the bunch!! I'm chasing."

At this stage I was nearly fully awake and envisioning Matt, mudguard and all, chasing full noise past Bridge Road and onto Asquith for a target he could never catch.

At 10am I recieved another txt....

"I would like to express my extreme disappointment that the bunch did not wait for the NSCC Secretary at Pearces this morning. I chased for 2hours but never caught the bunch"

The final report into the extent of the rain was that the water level at the top of Bobbin Head was up to the depth of Matt's bottom bracket. With 34mm of rain by 9am this effort demonstrates the commitment the NSCC Secretary has to his club and passion for cycling.

Well done made a lot of us appreciate the simplicity of a warm, dry bed this morning.

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Was Matt chasing a ghost bunch or was there in fact some hardy souls who pushed on with the El Presidente despite the atrocious weather? I know I pulled the pin....

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As far as we know, there was a ghost bunch. Unless anyone else was out there???
Let us know!

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I hadn't been on the bike all week, so I did go out. I didn't rush out in the morning, so was about 30 mins after the usual bunch time, and only went through Bobbo, then turned around and rode back through.

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I am sure I saw you on Tues morning David on Forest Way. As for Matt, brilliant, I had a good laugh at this!

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I was in Canberra all week, so you definitely didn't see me on Tuesday.

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else in NSCC gear then. Was cold on Tues but prolly not as cold as the ACT.

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Don't know if there was an El Presidente bunch doing the usual route but I didn't see anyone except one guy at Terrey Hills lights. Hard to tell who's who when they're wearing a white rain jacket and viewed across four traffic lanes in the rain Eye-wink
Only other riders I saw all ride were a friendly (every single one said hello!) group of guys riding the opposite way on Bobbo with full mudguards, huge saddle bags, fluro jackets etc.
Lo-light of the day was the young tradie who'd stuffed his car head-on into the light pole at the last bend before Forest Way heading South. Maybe a good thing there wasn't a big El Presidente bunch as he would have had his accident around the time you guys are usually at that point on the road.

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