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Sally v Maddog - Clash of the Titans Race Preview

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By El Presidente - Posted on 23 February 2011

Finally the day has come....NSCC's ELITE drivers finally going head to head at Beauie Worlds THIS SUNDAY in the CLASH OF THE TITANS.

Chris "Sally Sit-On" Williams on the form of his life at 4 wins from 5 starts.
Justin "Maddog" Morris returning to protect his record of 4 wins from 4 starts.
With a win on Sunday, Sally will match Maddogs and the NSCC club record of 4 in a row.

To date, no rider has ever exceeded 4 successive wins at Beaumont Road. With the prize of equaling the record and the opportunity for Maddog to stand alone with 5 wins up for grabs, the prestige surrounding the "Crown of Beaumont" is high.

The media surrounding this event is unparalleled. If you haven't already, check out the Facebook Event Page

Clash of the Titans - NSCC Club Criterium

I have never seen slander on a grander scale. With pictorial abuse from both sides and riders joining in song for their preferred rider, who knows how this race will pan out.

Maddog and Sally both spent Dawnie yesterday madly recruiting Sydney's top elite riders for assistance. Justin called on ex Director Sportif in Trent Wilson to send up the entire BikeBug Team but alas, was met with the news that Chris Jory, Geoff Straub, Emu Dillon, Brendan Jones were not available on the day.

Instead, he has Heffron Park A grade series Leader Phil Grenfell in his camp, well suited to go head to head in the gallop with Sally.

Speaking with Maddog on his thoughts leading into the race:

"I have nothing to lose and everything to gain this weekend. I HAVE 4 in a row....but if Sally loses, with "only" 3 wins in a row, he has to go all the way back and start again".

We are talking about 2 very different riders here. One with a proven reputation for "sitting on" the backs of bunches and never pulling turns and the other, an unkempt partial resemblance of an elite cyclist who's bike of choice closely resembles a neglected steel farm gate due to its ridiculous size and poor hygienic condition.

Although unassuming, Maddogs strength lies in his ability to "gross out" his competitors. By oozing half consumed gel packets out the legs of his knicks, spilling litres of Coke out his biddons, riders rarely want to "sit on" his wheel for fear for dirtying their white socks or jersey so are often forced to pull turns out of sheer desperation.

Sally's strength lies in his ability to sweet talk riders in the bunch into helping him out. He is an extremely hard working chiropractic student so his ability to "manipulate" his fellow clubmates into siding with him may prove fruitful on the day.

So who will YOU ride for?

Perhaps Sally, perhaps Maddog, perhaps even yourself! A recent tweet from Central Coast A grade rider Mick Curran suggests that he is bringing down the CCCC squadra to "upset the party"!

Who knows how Sunday will pan out but there will be plenty of trash talk on El Presidente this saturday.

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With Richie Lang out - Maddog’s team is crumbling before his eyes....however, my super team is looking strong

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Its gonna be a blast!

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Lang:out, Jory:out, Peterson:out, Scarfe: out, Dillon: out! What other tricks can i scramble????? Maybe head to head dirty sall???

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4 in a row is the record. If however going from race starts, my 1st beauie back after the record breaking 4 in a row in jan 2010 was also a victory, making 5wins from 5 starts. Sally can also even this on sunday! NO pressure sally! haha

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great race! heaps of fun even with a large field. Does anyone happen to know who the photographer who was there was or if they have a website or something with photos? Cheers

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Philip I know that Gary Bazley (NCCS normal B grade)was the guy on the course taking them not sure about who the guy on the finish line was

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