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Phil Nelsons TDU 2011

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By El Presidente - Posted on 14 February 2011

A short blog by NSCC's Phil Nelson following the last few days of the 2011 TDU in Adelaide. A great little snapshot of what the crew got up to in South Aus.

We had a good ride on Saturday to Willunga, the guys didn't want to take that
road through Bakers Gully so we went the long way but it was a good ride anyway.

Willunga hill was great, probably one of the best views of the race we had. On
the way back a lot of the pros were riding back too and there were some big
bunches, we sat behind Rogers and then some Lampre boys and then Greipel, it was

Sunday we did an easy ride out to Glenelg and then up the coast to Port Adelaide and
then back down to the city which was an amazingly flat and nice ride with good
views along the coast.

I haven't gone through all the video I took yet but I've put a couple of short
ones up here:

Checker Hill Climb

A great insight into how nasty this little berg is!

Greenhill Rd Descent

Just a guess as Phil was a little uncertain himself - either way - the Secretary is holding up the bunch!

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The only thing I really notice is that living with Matt for a couple of weeks must've really rubbed off on Sally. He's carrying more of the TDU freebies in his back pockets than garnon!!

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He doesn't eat on the bike so it can't be food in his pockets. You must be spot on.

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easy pussy cat! there was a cute girl handing them out. . . .

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Great that you didn't contest the sprint at the top of Checkers in order to bring us more stable video. Nice self-control Philip.

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