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Beauie Worlds Feb 13 Report

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By El Presidente - Posted on 13 February 2011

With a good dose of rain yesterday, it was a bit hit and miss as to whether Beauie would go ahead this morning.

The rain stopped so Beauie went ahead with many riders admitting defeat at the hands of mother nature the night before and failing to set alarms.

Justin 'Maddog' Morris fell victim to this and perhaps through outright arrogance chose not to defend the title for the "Crown of Beaumont" awarded to the current rider with the most consecutive Beauie Worlds wins - Maddog currently holds at 4.

As numbers were down it was only the hardcore riders who showed and toughened up for the dreaded handicap!

28 starters across 3 bunches in a 10 lap (50min) race wasn't going to be easy.
C&D went off at 8min, B grade - sandbagged to the hill with the like of Gary Wilson and Choc "Dont need to stand up to sprint" Moit went of at 3min A started with 9 riders.

Slowly but surely riders in all grades started missing turns as the screws were tightened and majority of bunches we all but a few riders after 7-8 laps.

A Grade Average Speed data

Richard Makin fell with 4 laps to go after a wayward rider swung out to avoid his turn and collected Richards front wheel.

Showing a solid piece of courage and old school determination, Makin took a lap and rejoined to induce some serious hurt, in turn dropping the days "Number 86" (aka Euskaltel rider - who took out Cadel in TDF)

Matt Campbell showed his true talent and knowledge of NSCC riders as Chief Commissaire and setting the handicaps as the race finally came together on the final bend 300m from the finish.

C Grade starter Gareth Thomas made a huge last ditch effort with a strong attack to solo to the finish but could not outrun the A grade gallop. Harrison Bailey also tried desperately to hold the wheels as they blurred past, holding on for 4th but it was Chris "Sally Sit-On" Williams who won convincingly over Luke Collyer in 2nd and Matt Garnon in 3rd.

Although numbers were down this was one of the best Beauies we've had in ages. No hiding and a lot of suspense and hurt.

Handicap Results:

1st Chris Williams (NSCC)
2nd Luke Collyer (Parramatta)
3rd Matt Garnon (NSCC)

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Respect to Rich for the two monster turns he pulled after being brought down.

To the guy who brought him down please read rule no 59.

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