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Pierres Loyalty Card

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By El Presidente - Posted on 09 February 2011

At long last, our persistent nagging must have been heard by those at the top of the barista chain.

As we tapped along the Pacific Hwy after our Weekday ride to Terry Hills this morning and rolled up at Pierres, I unassumingly unbuckled my helmet, spared my bike any more torture and layed it gently against the fencing surrounding Pierres Patisserie and made my way inside for "the usual thanks Jack" (reg skim cap).

However this was not to be any regular morning...

There was a new girl serving at the till, we had beaten the office crowd with our smoking pace through Bobbo and St Ives and the weather was back to its usual Sydney best. No longer 30 degrees at 8am.

What made it extra special was my pleasant surprise that I received when the nice young lady behind the counter handed me my first Pierres Patisserie Loyalty Card!

As an (on average) 5 mornings a week regular, this is a BIG DEAL! Like nearly bigger than Maddog winning 4 Beauie Worlds in a row.....but not quite that big.

Even better, the loyalty is set at 5 coffees! Thats 1 FREE every week!

So as an NSCC member, by default you will end up at Pierres some stage, make sure to pick your card up next time you're there. This is the Presidents HOT TIP!

Just quietly, I'm going to see if I can back date mine by 5 years!

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Just think of how many freebies "The Real" could've had by now!!!

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Now I have a good reason for that second coffee on Saturday...

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