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Beauie Worlds Jan 30, 2011

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By El Presidente - Posted on 07 February 2011

Beauie Worlds titles are not won easily and NSCC Sharkies Moits rider Chris "Sally Stompin" Williams is becoming all too familiar with what it takes to win at Mt Kuring Gai.

With around 60+ riders turning up on the day, many took to the line in B Grade and C Grade with A Grade looking pretty skint in comparison.

A Grade

16 riders took to the A Grade start in comparison with around 28 in B Grade.

The usual attack from the gun ensured in A Grade with Scott Dillon being hung out to dry by the bunch. Multiple attempts to escape ensured but finally 20min in, NSCC's Matt "Steggles" Garnon got a break and was followed by Sally Williams and Scott Dillon.

The bunch kept the break in check until riders started missing turns and attempting to bridge across. A few good weeks off the bike started to take its toll on Sam "El Presidente" Moorhouse even more so upon learning that this pain was coming only 30min into the race!

With an avg race speed of over 41km/h the 3 leaders stormed away and were never seen again with Matt playing the roll of domestique and attacking out of the bottom corner to leave Sally with the chance to "Sit-On" and roll Scott convincingly in the sprint 100m before the line. Sally's unzipped jersey salute becoming trademark in this hot summer.

1st Chris Williams NSCC
2nd Scott Dillon MWCC
3rd Matt Garnon NSCC

Matt Garnons HR data from Beauie Worlds

Matt Garnons Speed data from Beauie Worlds

B Grade

B Grade was an aggressive race also, with NSCC Sharkies Moits Elite Women, Sue and India, bringing plenty of aggression to the bunch. Coming off the back of her 4th place in the Coogee round of the NSW Cycling GrandPrix Series, Sue was spending a lot of time working in the bunch with India helping limit any breakaways and keeping the pace high. Reports post race confirmed the average speed was also well over 40km/h!

In the kick for the line however, the big boys were too strong for the girls and Michael "Sandbagger" Moit won the kick without getting out of the saddle!
A Grade for you next week big fella!

1st Michael Moit NSCC
2nd Travis Smedley BS
3rd Fabio Petrib RBCC

C & D Grade

NSCC again dominated the podiums in C & D, with Michael Potter continuing to hold his form and manage another excellent podium finish in front of his loyal following including father, Ray "Never Miss A Beauie" Potter. Well done guys.
A great reflection on the efforts of Helmet and the Northside Cycling Academy.

C Grade

1st Stuart Smith NSCC
2nd Gerry Page CCCC
3rd Michael Potter NSCC

D Grade / Juniors

1st Laura Jones LACC
2nd Angela Smith NSCC
3rd Ashley Jones NSCC

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Lesson learnt: when the race plan is to stay with Sally wherever he goes, this does not include rolling to the back after following him in the first break as he just joins the next break straight away when caught... maybe riding up all the bergs in the 53/11 does do something...

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Please don't hate

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