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Australia Day Ride Report

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By El Presidente - Posted on 04 February 2011

Australia Day rolls around once a year but the Ettalong Loop Ride is one you should seriously consider doing more often.

With a public holiday, all the time in the world and a favourable weather forecast, some of the NSCC faithful celebrated Australia Day in style.

A good bunch of approx 16-20 rolled out with the loop heading north up Pacific Hwy, through Calga and then a right turn into the Somersby valley. Was great to see Dan Moit harden up for the full loop too - spurred on by his old man who also committed to the days epic and Kathy Warne brought some "femme" to the bunch.

The weather was warming up quick so the valley decent in the shade was very refreshing.

A steady tempo held for the entire ride so far was disrupted by Matt "Steggles Chicken Legs" Garnon having a dig at Sam and Owens pace setting up the Somersby climb.

Sam took offence and put the hammer down with only Steggles and "The Real" Brett Aitken taking chase. Approaching the summit, Sam threw it into the big ring and had one last big effort to drop Steggles but alas, Garnon played his regular game of sit-on and rolled the President over the top of the berg.

Phil Ward led a fast decent into Gosford and then onto Ettalong for a well earned park up. Lyndon - not content with coffee or a Maddog style Paddle Pop, decided Sticky Date pudding for breakfast was more to his liking and made a few people jealous in the process.

After a long wait for brews, we discovered our timing was poor and we arrived at the Ferry dock to join a queue of about 100 other people waiting to also catch the Ferry across to Palm Beach.

Highly doubtful we would all fit on the ferry including 16 bikes we were starting to look forward to our own slice of sticky date as we waited for the next ferry.
However, being Australia Day, the captain was in a good mood and squeezed us all on board for a cruisy boat ride to Palmy.

We saw lots of boats, "birds" and bumps on the ocean as we traversed and Andrew Gardner was impressed with his fitness upon arrival until he discovered he hadn't stopped his Garmin and had just accrued another 20km on his ferry ride!

By the time we arrived, it was really heating up and the Central Coast crew aboard the ferry with the beers were making a few of us jealous. The heat was starting to take its toll on the return stretch through Newport and Mona Vale with Dan starting to feel what a few months off the bike can do to you.

Approaching Forest Way - Andrew Gardner made the fatal call to the Presidente proclaiming what a great ride we'd had and NO PUNCTURES! Amazing indeed but in response to his statement, I reminded him that nearly 90% of NSCC bunch ride punctures come on the Nasty Little Hill before St Ives - and SURE ENOUGH! Psssssstttttttttt. Not 100 metres over the top of the climb the bunch pulled over for a 10min park up.

Aside from the heat and jinxing fellow riders with bad luck, this was an awesome day out and one you should come join next time its on.

Keep an eye on the web site as weekend rides will be posted once decided upon. They are often a little ad hoc but thats what makes it exciting.

See you on the road
El Presidente

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