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Rider Support

All Members - Reimbursement and Support Policy


It has been club policy for many years to assist those members who make the effort to participate in races scheduled in the Cycling NSW Open calendar throughout the year. Historically we would support riders individually but with our new focus on taking teams away to the major races we will now support seniors through the provision of race transport and accommodation packages.


  1. State A graded open riders, training and racing in NSCC kit are entitled to 1 free club kit (knicks and jersey). Please put your request in writing to the club secretary and it will be reviewed by the committee.
  2. Riders may seek additional support via a written request to the club treasurer which will be reviewed by the committee at the next meeting. The request must include targeted races, what support is being sought, approximate value and why support is required. Confidentiality to be respected within the committee only.
  3. Each year for a selected list of state opens the club will arrange transport and accommodation, subsidising the cost of such arrangements. Refer to the CALENDAR for the events targeted.
  4. Juniors U19 and below are entitled to 100% reimbursement for Cycling NSW state opens and NSW state or Australian national championship races (NB: not national series or interstate races), provided they train and race in NSCC kit.

Applying for Refunds

In order to apply for a refund you will need to make an application on this form.

You will also have to substantiate your claim with a copy of the registration receipt which you received when you registered on line. Note that the refund applies only if you complete the race. A DNF for any reason means no refund - please do not waste our time.

For administration purposes, the club has set three deadlines for claims throughout the year. All refunds for races in the first 4 months of the year are to be lodged by the end of May, all refunds for the next 4 months are to be lodged by the end of September, and all refunds for the last 4 months of the year are to be lodged by the end of January. Unfortunately, the club cannot process claims made outside these cut-off dates. The club does not mind you claiming monthly if you wish, however, the cut-off dates must be strictly adhered to.

When completed, email the form together with your registration receipt to the club treasurer email:

Your claim will be assessed for approval at the first committee meeting after receipt of the claim.

Terms & Conditions

  1. You must start and complete the race in which you are claiming support for.
  2. Claims and requests for special support must be submitted in accordance with the cut-off dates and to the club treasurer.
  3. All claims and requests must be reviewed and approved by the Committee.
  4. All reimbursements will be in the form of a cheque.
  5. This support does not apply where a separate team sponsor or agreement is already supporting riders unless specifically approved by the club committee.
  6. Riders must race in the current club sponsored clothing. Sponsored clothing must be approved by the club committee and bear the current major club sponsors.
  7. This policy applies only to current financial members.
  8. This policy is subject to review and change by the club at anytime.

Note: reference to approval by the club committee requires the President, Secretary and Treasurer.

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