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Beauie Worlds Jan 2, 2011

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By El Presidente - Posted on 22 January 2011

Motor Pacing

Unfortunately there was a crash in C grade on the final lap which occurred as a few chasers tried to pass B Grade in last effort to catch the few up the road. The result was riders everywhere and B grade split. Fortunately there was no serious injuries, Harrison having x Rays but all clear and another rider with a dislocated shoulder.

It appeared that the pace of the previous race had everyone scared and so A Grade only had 9 starters. There was never going to be a chance to hide so out in front seemed as good a place as any to be or so I thought.... Chris Perini decided to roll off the front early so I joined him, why not, all good until Chris "Motor Pacing" Williams came to the front. I can think of a million things I like doing so what was I doing with Chris, well I call it Motor Pacing. For the next 30 minutes I ate my stem, drooled and suffered like a dog as I tried to stay with Chris. It was like going out for a motor pacing session except I was in fact behind another push bike driven by the eco friendly DG V8 (DG = Dirty Girl). Fortunately the chase bunch was getting smaller and when Richard Lang decided to go up the road and join the break it didn't take long before the chase bunch disintegrated. The break then slowed considerably but how could we beat Richard!! 2 vs 1 wasn't ever going to be enough, Richard able to chase down in the final laps and then just too fast in the final finish. Well done, you don't race with the AIS for nothing!!!!

Results listed below
Thanks "The Real" Brett Aitken for the pics.

A Grade
1st Richard Lang LACC
2nd Chris Williams NSCC
3rd Matt Garnon NSCC

B Grade
1st Roland Lang LACC
2nd Fabio Petro RBCC
3rd Ryan Terry MWCC

C Grade
1st Trent Faehndrich NSCC
2nd B Hamega LACC
3rd Richard Saunders MWCC

D Grade (C/D Combined)
1st Andrew Smith Peleton

Best Mountain Bike