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Extra!! Extra!! Read all about MADDOG

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If there's one thing Maddog does really well aside from riding his bike fast, its promoting himself.

Marketing execs call this "self promotion", cynics may call it "blowing smoke" and some may even call it "vanity" but the reality is, promotion is what gets you noticed!

To assist in drumming up support for Maddog's Huntingtons Disease Charity ride, north shore locals and Macquarie Uni students may have seen Maddog popping up in renowned media outlets over the past 2 weeks.

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NSW TTT, Goulburn - Elite Men

A last minute Elite men's team was put together to trek down to chilly windy Goulburn to contest the 88km NSW TTT Champs. The team was Matt "Porn Star" Garnon, Phil "550" Chapman, Dan "The Man" McGuigan and Stephen "Red Raw Crotch" Tree. To say it was windy was an understatement. It was the first team time trial I have ridden where we were riding next to each other across the road just to get a sit (if you could call it that!). Despite 2 mechanicals we finished 3rd to add to NSCC's great record in this event. (Note the photo. Matt was trying out a new pair of aero knicks!)

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Maddogs SOLO Huntingtons Disease Charity Ride Begins this Weekend.

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There is only a matter of days till Maddog jets off to Brissy to throw his leg over his trusty Kuota and embark on his return solo ride to Sydney. He begins this weekend.

If you haven't already, please take the time to support one of NSCC's most loyal members in this totally unsupported mission to raise money for Huntingtons Disease.

Maddog himself is a Type 1 Diabetic so to embark on a ride of this calibre while also contributing toward a charity outside his own interests is truly remarkable.

Many members have contributed so far which is fantastic. Thank you.

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El Pres at the Dauphine

Not sure of how many people realised that El Pres managed to get a ride for BMC at the Dauphine!!

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Queens Birthday Beauie - cancelled due to rain

Beauie Worlds has been cancelled due to rain. With extensive rain overnight and wet roads and more rain predicted this morning we have agreed that safety is at too high risk and have cancelled todays race.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Can I run the website? Yes you can.

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The 2011 NSCC AGM brought up the question of "can I post items to share on the website? El Pres is always too busy to update it so I'd like to help out."

The answer is YES - anyone can contribute to the website. But you need to create an account.

By creating a user account on the left hand side of the page, any member now has the option to provide content to share.

What can I do on the website?

- Buy and Sell your bike in the Classifieds (left hand column)
- Reply and share your comments on recent NEWS posts

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Cafe Etiquette 101

While I have witnessed this regularly and considered writing a piece myself, I want it to be clear that I am not directing this to any group in particular.

I just found it a very good piece for us all to take the time for a little self reflection. Guilty or not.

Wade at CyclingTipsBlog has articulated the BASICS of Cafe Etiquette brilliantly so I have to share it with you all.

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Beauie Worlds Results June 5

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An incredible morning for some solid racing at Beauie on Sunday.
The coffee van was in full swing and it was great to see George Mouhayet back on the bike and steering the Beauie ship.

Some aggressive racing in A Grade saw the field thin quickly. A few threatening attacks tried but failed with only a late counter attack sticking with the Manly pairing of Alex Gardner and Andrew Crawley riding away to hold off the fast finishing bunch. Perhaps the front and rear mudguards provided some aerodynamic fairing with Alex Gardner outsprinting Andy for the win.

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Bike racing with Miranda Kerr

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The Coonabarabran to Gunnedah and Gunnedah to Tamworth race is on the 25th and 26 June 2011.

It is well documented that Gunnedah is the home of supermodel Miranda Kerr and while we CAN guarantee a great weekend of bike racing, we CANNOT guarantee you a weekend with Miranda Kerr - sorry. I lied.

The Saturday race - Coonabarabran to Gunnedah is a Handicap with some great rollers and some 53 X 11 descents. NSCC's Phil Ward has his name etched on the winners trophy after an exciting sprint finish in 2008 followed up with NSCC's Supa Sue Forsythe's win in 2009.

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Nominations for 2011 Thornleigh AutoBody Crash Award

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5 Votes for Daniel Daly

1 Vote for Jamin Hill

Dan is well on his way to taking out NSCC's 2011 Thornleigh AutoBody Crash Award with some impressive recent numbers! They are becoming so frequent that we can now categorise them into 2 categories - Racing and Training

Race Crashes

More often that not a single crash in a race can mean day done. Often they are so bad your race entry also costs you a new bike. However Dan entered the 2011 B2B with a nice handicap and plenty of confidence.

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Supa Sue Forsythe WINS Ken Dinnerville

Congratulations to NSCC Elite Womens rider Sue Forsythe taking out the Ken Dinnerville Memorial in Dapto on Sunday.

NSCC can now lay claim to two titles in recent years with Sue adding her name to the prized Dinner Plate alongside a certain NSCC President.

Well done Sue you are a LEGEND!

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Sunday May 29 Bunch Ride - Pearces 6.30am

Hi all,

A bunch is meeting at Pearces Corner at 6.30am for a steady long ride.
A few will be returning to Hornsby by 9am while others will continue for longer.

El Pres.

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Maddog doin dogs for Huntingtons Disease

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What an inspiring time to be a member of NSCC!

Coming off the back of new club sponsors for 2011 and beyond and Neil & Jim's recently completed Youth Off The Streets Charity ride, Justin "Maddog" Morris is now doing his part to raise money for Huntingtons Disease.

Justin is planning to ride 1400km UNASSISTED from Brisbane to Sydney to raise money and awareness for Huntingtons Disease Research.

I was amazed to see that after just 1 day of setting up this charity event online, he has already raised over $400 and many club members have already contributed.

Thanks NSCC.

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Jim Ireland & Neil Matthews complete the 2011 YOTS Sydney to Surfers Ride

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The first week of May 2011 saw NSCC members Jim Ireland and Neil Matthews participate in the 2011 Youth Off The Streets Sydney to Surfers ride.

170 rides of all ages and abilities joined together in 9 packs to compete the 7-day tours, stopping in 23 towns en-route.

This was the fourteenth year of the ride, the first for Jim and fourth ride for Neil. Both Jim and Neil were allocated to Pack 2 along with 12 other chaps from Sydney and the Gold Coast.

The ride raises much needed funds for Chris Riley’s Youth Off The Street Charity.

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Beauie Worlds Results May 22

A Grade

1st Garry Milburn (Turramurra Off Road Cyclists)
2nd Ed White (SU Velo)
3rd Justin 'Maddog' Morris (NSCC)

B Grade

1st Michael Moit (NSCC)
2nd Chris James (CCCC)
3rd Samuel Burston (LACC)

C Grade

1st Ray Tay (LACC)
2nd Rob Santone (NSCC)
3rd Gareth Thomas (NSCC)

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A game of hide and seek perhaps????

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Aside from the front page news articles, our website is designed to encourage members to open general blog topics and informal chat under the banner of NSCC.

Not all content is serious nor bike related in some cases but often some of these discussions are attracting a lot of attention and providing a useful resource for networking among members. Whether it be alerting members to recent road closures, hazards or just sharing an enjoyable experience from a great bunch ride.

Here's a recent post that members may be able to provide some insight into......

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Just a friendly reminder that after a few false starts over the past few weeks due to weather and conflicts with the NSW Open calendar, mother nature looks to be playing in our favour so head on up to Beaumont Road tomorrow.

Looking forward to (trying) to tearing some legs off.

PS - I hear a young Neil Matthews has put in some serious base training recently in his Youth Off The Streets charity ride from Sydney to Surfers. Well done Neil and look out A grade!

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Support those who support us....

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As with any social sporting club, we are a non for profit organisation. We have over 250 members across all age groups.

One thing that often attracts new members to NSCC is the support we can offer.

Whether it be logistical, financial or educational support for new and existing members, NSCC has long been regarded as a club who has a strong commitment in giving back to our members.

But if we're a non for profit organisation, HOW can we do this year after year?

A common answer I hear in discussion is that funding must come from Beaumont Road Race entries.

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Sunday Beaches Bunch

Sunday bunch leaving Hornsby Pool 7am

Ride Captain: Harrison Morgan

Heading out toward the beaches with a park up at Ripples Whale Beach for coffee and feed.
Approx 100km

Check out the ride map here

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Mothers Day Beauie Worlds Cancelled

While it is with regret that we have chosen to cancel the Mothers Day Beauie Worlds we hope that you will understand and appreciate spending time with the people who brought us into this world of wheels.

Also sharing the day tomorrow is Cootamundra Haycarters and Waratah Vets Eastern Creek Mothers Day Classic.

These races take a lot of effort from our many members who volunteer their time on the day so we need to respect their efforts.

Thank you for your understanding.

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Thursday 5th May a miraculous morning

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A beautiful morning for a training ride, only 3 takers this morning, myself, and Misters Campbell and Garnon, after the usual cruise through Bobbo and onto Terry Hills it was suggested to myself and Mr C to ride with Mr Garnon to St Leonards to join him for the compulsory post ride coffee, I suggested to Mister Garnon, aka 'Mr Ty Tarse' that if we were to accompany him to St Leonards for coffee, then he should be paying !!

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Cervelo Masters Super Series Rd 1

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Report by Richard Makin:

Saturday afternoon saw the clouds subside and the sun comeback to its glory. Getting to the “Coal Race” did present some challenges. I borrowed Sonia’s Mum ute and headed up the highway with Andrew G.


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Canberra Tour Report

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Seems the smart ones headed to Canberra over the weekend to perhaps escape the poor Sydney weather or perhaps to chew on their head stem for a few hours a day at the notoriously hard Canberra Tour.

NSCC had a select bunch of riders representing in Mens B Grade and Womens A.

The NSCC girls Sue Forsythe and India Faehndrich, have started strong in 2011 coming off the back of their incredible 2010.

Typically suited to the flatter sprint events, Sue came out of the blocks in Canberra with a BANG and finished Top 10 on GC.

Sues performance was Cadel like consistent.

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What You Missed This Morning & NSCC @ Canberra Tour

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2 flats and a filthy ride, however we didn't get rained, only 5 riders this morning, but there were 3 other NSCC members at PIERRE'S, NSCC--Northern Sydney Coffee Club !! hoping this weather breaks soon !

Also - latest news from Canberra Tour

Harrison Morgan and Kor Sietsma both completed B Grade Stage 1.

After the solo break won the day, Harrison held on to contest the small 15man sprint from the 70 rider field while Kor lost contact on the final hill only losing 1min on that first bunch.

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Jens Voight Sound Board

Nearly everybody I know who rides a bike is a fan of Jens Voight. He is a supreme hard ass and the ultimate selfless domestique.

Have some fun and check out this awesome sound board to use to prank your mates with.


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