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Racing this weekend


CCC Calga RR - 2pm

LACC Sydney Olympic Park Crit - 2pm

Parrmatta Oakville RR - 2pm


Waratah Vets Landsdowne Pk Crit - 7:45

Please add comments if I've missed any races !

Have a great weekend !

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Beauie Worlds Results 27th May

A Grade

Brendan Cole - Parra
Simon Davies - NSCC
Matt Hodges - GC Cats

B Grade

Scott Kesteven - NSCC
Jeff Morris - CCCC
Matt Glanville - Bici

C Grade

Steve Newman - NSCC
Blake Ryan - NSCC
Chris Broad - NSCC

Brendan Cole goes on the Attack early

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Gunnedah Weekend

Gunnedah is fast approaching and the club is looking to get organised. This is a great weekend away, if you are interested read the attached link.

What do you need to do if you wish to come with the club!!!!

Email Richard Makin by the 23 May 2012

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NSCC - 1,2,3,4 at Calga

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Tired of Central Coast riders taking wins at Beauie Worlds, NSCC sent a bunch of A, B and C Grade riders up to Calga today for the Central Coast Road Races.

In a dominant ride by NSCC in A Grade, Kor Sietsma, Phil Nelson and Simon Davies broke away together mid race.
Harrison then attempted to bridge the gap to the 3 leaders but ran out of road.

The breakaway staying away till the finish with Kor Sietsma taking line honours for the win, although word on the street is that all three cross the line side by side.

Harrison too holding off the bunch to ride home in 4th.

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"Le Rêve" - the new NSCC bunch ride for Saturday's

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Starting this Saturday morning 6:20am, a third bunch ride will roll out from Hornsby accommodating to a wider range of NSCC members riding abilities.

"Le Rêve" - (French for "the Dream") will be better known as "The Dream Ride" on Saturday mornings.

Stemming from discussions at Monday's AGM there was a resounding agreeance that members are looking for rides which cater to our clubs expanding range of cycling abilities.

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Hornbsy Council to establish sustainable MTB Trail network

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Local riders, Greens members and the Hornsby Council unanimously voted tonight in favour of the development of sustainable MTB trails in Old Mans Valley behind Hornsby swimming pool.

Thanks to the continuous lobbying and feasibility studies conducted and facilitated through the efforts of HSMBA with the support of local council and Greens members, Hornsby Council will be supporting the development of approx 5km of trails throughout Old Mans Valley.

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Hornsby MTB Trail networks need your support this Wednesday 7pm

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If you want to see an awesome initiative for extensive MTB trail networks around Hornsby - GET TO HORNSBY COUNCIL THIS WEDNESDAY NIGHT (May 16) 7PM.

Thanks to Hornsby Cycles for bringing this to our attention - courtesy of SNORC (Sydney North Off Road Cyclists)

This Wednesday evening is an important meeting for the future of the council prepared XC track around the Hornsby quarry. It's a great time for anyone interested in the easy access to a riding loop on our doorstep other than open fire-trail. Quoting from the update from HSMBA:

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NSCC's Tom Patton WINS Cootamundra!!

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After a significant hiatus off the bike polishing his guns and reupholstering choppers and street machines, Tom Patton has come back to racing with a massive BANG!

Yesterday, Tom Patton won the Delta Agribusiness Cootamundra Haycarters Recovery Handicap.

The wet and cold conditions in Cootamundra proved to be perfect conditions for NSCC to take home the top prize.

Starting in the "Chopping Block" bunch at 3.00min, together with NSCC's James Swadling Tom and the boys worked well all day.

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NSCC AGM - Monday 14th May 2012

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Annual General Meeting of the members of Northern Sydney Cycling Club will be held on Monday 14th May 2012 at 7.00 pm at Belmonte’s Pizzeria , 116 Yarrara Rd Pennant Hills. (Cnr of Pennant Hills Rd)

All members are welcome to attend to appoint new committee positions and share thoughts and ideas for club direction in 2012 and beyond.

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Neil Matthews & John Irvine Youth Off The Streets Update

With a ride report due to follow in the coming days, Neil and John are 7 days into the Youth Off The Streets Charity Ride between Sydney and Surfers Paradise.

Here's a couple of photos taken on Day 4 and 5 at Glenreagh about 50kms south of Grafton.

Check out the link above and support this excellent cause.

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From the Little Ring to The 5 Rings of Moscow - Maddog US Update

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It has been 3months now of settling into life as a cyclist here in the USA, as I alluded to in my last pen piece the old dog body was a little worse for wear. With some awesome help from the team doctor here after the blood tests revealed low levels across the board. A path to recovery and instruction to pack on some KG's came as welcoming news. After spending nearly a month in only the easy gear of my bike and eating the house down with some quality nutritious American style dining I now feel 100times better in life on and off the bike. Sometimes rest, is the best training I gather.

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Hell of the West - Bathurst Report

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Report by Dan Daly

The first race of the season took a number of seasoned racers and some new comers from NSCC to Bathurst.

For those of you unfamiliar with this crazy weekend it starts with the state hill climb champs and various crits on the Saturday followed by 162km, 100km and 70km Sportif events on the Sunday.

NSW State Hill Climb

Harrison Bailey - 4th (9:55.68)
Michael Potter - 8th

Elite Men
Saxon Irvine 5th (9:28.54)
James Swadling 9th
Stephen Tree 12th

Andrew Gardner 4th (MM3) for the second year in a row (10:12.47)

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ANZAC DAY Ettalong Loop

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With awesome weather forecast and a few hours to kill between the dawn service and a few games of 2-Up at the RSL, why not tap out a few k's to Ettalong?

Leaving the Hornsby Pool at 6.30am the bunch will be heading north up the Pacific Highway, descending into Gosford then around to Ettalong.

We will then catch the ferry across to Palm Beach and return home via McCarrs Creek Road.

Pace will be Medium to fast 30-32kph and the distance, approx 140km.
Allow 6hrs.

Bring $15 for Ferry Ticket (but I think its only $12)

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Golden Rules of Road Racing - Courtesy

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Following on from our Guide to the NSW Open Series, CyclingTips has posted a timely guide to the "Golden Rules" of Road Racing.

With the NAB Blayney 2 Bathurst on this weekend, read the article below and take the time to review your current race strategy.

162km equates to at least 4hrs in the saddle (if you're at the front of the race!) and if you blow your load in the early stages in this point to point race it can be a long and lonely ride home.

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Which race for me? A guide to the NSW 2012 State Open Series

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The NSW Open Road Season is due to kick off this coming weekend so we thought it was a great opportunity to bring everyone up to speed with what racing is available throughout 2012 and let you decide what styles of racing might suit your particular ridng style the most.

Each rider has their own individual strengths and while showing off these strengths certainly helps boost the ego somewhat, sometimes development in weaker areas often compliments and boosts existing strengths more!

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Chicks diggin Beauie Worlds (Sunday sees both NSCC Racing and NSCC Ladies Day ride)

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Beauie Worlds returns this Sunday at Mt KuRing Gai.

The racing starts at 8.15 and following on from the rapid growth and participation in the Ladies Day ride, a Ladies Day bunch will be departing the pool at 7am to ride up to watch the racing and enjoy a coffee standing on the start finish line.

The bunch will then return as a group to Hornsby for breakfast.

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Beauie Worlds Report April 1

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Perfect weather and a smaller than usual race day at Beauie Worlds this morning.

11 Riders in A Grade and 14 in B Grade meant it was harder to hide and everyone had to spend time at the front if they wanted to keep any breaks in check.

A Grade

Regular attacks throughout the 55min slowly took their toll on the bunch. Dan Daly, James Swadling and Richard Makin constantly attacking left Kor Sietsma available to play a more tactical role today.

James and the A Grade bunch in pursuit of Dan, Rick and Rich Makin

Rich Makin and Rick Knowles were both super strong today

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From South to East to West - Maddog Team Type 1 April Update from USA

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Hello Legends!!

It is nearly clicking over to 2months USA time now for me and I sit here writing in an armchair with Starbucks complete with 'creamer' next to my portable computer, I feel as though I am absorbing many more traits of American culture day by day..

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Racing - it's not always serious....

Maddog not taking things too seriously in the states

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March 25 Beauie Worlds - Cancelled

The next race scheduled for March 25 has been cancelled. As an alternative, consider supporting the Bobbin Head Classic or simply hooking up with a bunch for a long ride.

In the interest of maintaining the use of local roads for racing etc in the future it is important to support any initiative put forward.
If neither of these are your cuppa tea.....enjoy the sleep in.

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Beauie Worlds Report - March 11 - Race abandoned due to crash

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A major and very serious crash in C Grade today resulted in the abandonment of all grades racing. An unfortunate touch of wheels in the approach for the finishing sprint caused a domino effect mid bunch bringing down 4-5 riders.

Each suffering physical and equipment damage, we wish each rider all the best for a fast recovery and take the opportunity to remind everyone that cycle racing is a fun sport that requires your full attention at all times.

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Youth Off The Streets - How you can help

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Youth Off The Streets is a non-denominational community organisation working for young people who are disadvantaged, homeless, drug dependent and or recovering from abuse. The organisation is set up to support these young people as they work to turn their lives around and overcome personal traumas such as neglect, physical, psychological and emotional abuse.

Since opening in 1991, Youth Off The Streets has grown from a single food van delivering meals to young homeless people to a major youth specific agency providing a wide range of services offering a full continuum of care.

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Beauie Worlds Report Feb 26

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As a spectator today it was hard to determine whether riders across all grades were conducting Oscar winning performances for grimacing facial expressions or if it was simply that the racing was intense!!

It appeared the latter was taking part at Beaumont Road this morning.

(Check out the gallery for all the action -

One of the few clear and warm days we've had this summer and nearly 60 riders across all grades came out with guns blazing.

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Mates & Miles - Maddog USA Update

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Gday Y'all,

I am writing from the gorgeous South Carolinian town of Greenville this time, a far cry from Ballarat at last posting.

Arriving in the USA a week or so ago has brought back so many memories; the starbucks, the panera bread, the Quizno's and the MOE's! But before all these treats of the belly beckoned some happy and sad times greeted me back in my mother country.

January was a roller coaster for travel, training and trying to avoid Sydney's appauling weather of late.

Adelaide for Juvenile Diabetes

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Jack Bobridges Norton Summit Record - BROKEN!

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Next time you're in Adelaide and think you're tearing up Norton Summit....consider this.....

5.6km @ 4.9% with nearly 3200 logged attempts at the ascent record Jack Bobridges 5 year time trial record was just smashed by 21 seconds!

This climb is (only!) 12 min long so to knock 21 seconds off this record is seriously impressive. Its so impressive it actually made the Adelaide Newspapers......! I

Best Mountain Bike