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El Presidente

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Good sized bunch on El Presidente this morning. It was pretty humid and misty. Someone has managed to spill some white paint at the top of Bobbin Head descent. There was a bit of a smash fest up Bobbo led by Phil Nelson. After that sitting around at the top we realised we had a bit of washing to do to get the paint off. Luckily it came off pretty easily !

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A to the B (Box)

NB: Originally posted elsewhere on the Global Riders Network and appears via syndication.
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So today I headed up to Beauie for my first Crit race, my prep has not been great as I have been off the bike for 3 weeks due to the Injury sustained at Ourimbah and only managed to get a pathetic 65k's in during the week due to working some long hours and going out on both Thursday and Friday night. Got up at 6.30am for my usual breakfast only to find the milk had gone off, no breakfast for me this morning, so once it was confirmed Beauie was on, a short drive to Hornsby and the rode up from there.

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Getting NSCC back online

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Hi all,

Firstly I apologise for the experiences we have had with the site over the past few months.

Unfortunately the site encountered some fatal errors and NSCC have since joined the Global Rider Network using this NEW interface.

Although it is a quite different format, there is a lot of flexibility with this new layout and I personally feel you as a member will grow to like this format better.

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