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Melbourne to Warrnambool 2012 Cycling Classic

Neil Matthews, Barry Kenyon, Simon Davies and Kor Sietsma flew to Melbourne yesterday to compete in the Melbourne to Warrnambool Cycling Classic.
Kor enlisted his brother John to support the team.
Looking forward to hearing all about it when they return.

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St Leonards Express

This rare South American specimen was spotted sleeping on Thursday 27th September, I think it's fair to say, the St Leonards express claims another victim !!!

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The Tour of Britain

I took part in The Tour of Britain challenge ride from Great Yarmouth to Norwich on Saturday . The course was 57.7 miles long and I did it in 3hrs 11 minutes 53 seconds which I am very proud of for my first sportive time .

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The bike thief who almost didn't get away

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From my cycling buddy who happens to be an Air Marshall and ex marine:

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A summers ride in Norfolk

I had a fantastic ride yesterday evening with the velo cycle club through the country lanes around Norwich it was amazing the weather is really begining to pick up . I just got back into Norwich as the sun began to set . Are group cycled 65km in 2hrs with a average speed of around 30km an hour. I must admit I do miss cycling with the boys and girls of Guns and Roses or La Reve as part of them are now known! Any way hello to all the people I know . Russ

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A short cycle in Cambridge

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Hello to Jenny and the Guns and Roses cyclist.
I went for my first group cycle in Cambridge in the U.K my first for a couple of weeks. By the time I got back home it felt like I had been to my local swimming pool and swam several lengths. The weather was horrible sleet, rain and strong wind ( Not from me I might add) .
I sat on the train home to Norwich shivering even after a change of clothes!!

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Many thanks for a fantastic couple months cycling

Many thanks to Kim,Neil and all the boys and girls of the Guns and Roses ride .I had a fantastic couple months riding. Special thanks to Neil for helping improve as a group cyclist. I will miss are Saturday morning rides. Cheers Russell

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Boxing day coffee at mona vale

What a great day for a beaches ride ! Awesome coffee at mona vale.

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Riding in France

Has anyone riden in France on a tour organised from an Aussie based company ? and if it was good who are they - cheers

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Somethings got to be done about it..

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Something has to be done about those MWCC guys winning at Beauie while we can't seem to take a trick on their patch. Three of us rolled out to West Hd this morning and we all got smashed in B grade. I didn't last the first run to the lookout and Graig and Max got blown out the back in the second lap (i think, correct me if i'm wrong). It was an A/B grade handicap with about 20 in B and 6 in A. B grade rolled out 3min ahead and in the spirit of complete cooperation it smashed into breakaways within a k or two, Doh!

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