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What a great race!!

Congratulations to all those involved in organising and racing at the inaugural Robert Hodgson Memorial race.

While I didn't know Robert personally, the race seemed to be a fitting tribute to a young man who loved his cycling.

A great event, I thoroughly enjoyed watching the action while juggling coffee, cakes and cameras.



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St Leonards Express - 21st November

For a taste of what you are missing out on each Thursday morning..

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Brooklyn Dash Video

Below is a link to video taken on the Christmas pizza version of the Brooklyn dash. I tried to get some footage of all that were present.

My apologies on the layout of this video, I need to get a ball joint for my bike that will allow me to capture in full screen mode.

For those that have yet to do this Tuesday evening ride I can recommend it, especially at present, with the extra daylight making this ride a fantastic way to break up the working week.


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Crazy up the coast ride review

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This ride was conceived over a few glasses of red at a Tuesday pizza night where a few of us had been discussing doing the Bicycle Network's ride to Newcastle. At this point the official event still seems to be struggling with bureaucratic hurdles and entries are yet to open. This is despite the significant demand from Sydney riders for an inspiring sportif ride close to home.

Our plan was pretty simple, just ride to Newcastle then jump on a train and come home. The route we took was aimed at keeping us off the freeway and the busier Central Coast roads.

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Sunday 25 August Beaches ride

Call to Northern Sydney Cycling Club riders for club ride from Pearce's Corner to the Beaches, leaving at 7am. Easy to moderate, under the caring leadership of Marcello. By order of El Pres.

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NSCC Beauie Worlds criterium racing - 18th August 2013

On Sunday 18th August 2013 a relatively small number of riders turned out. The majority of riders rode in C grade.

A and B grades competed against each other in a handicap event over 50 minutes + 2 laps. B grade had a 4 minute headstart over the A grade riders.

This video captures the final moments of each grade.

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Beauie Worlds 21st July

A group of 8 riders rode A grade on Sunday 21st July. This is a brief video of how events unfolded.

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El Pres Bobo crash

Nasty crash on El Pres this morning going up Bobo that took out 3 riders.

Saw the broken fork, but is everyone ok?

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NSCC Takes on Calga Road Race

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NSCC had 4 road warriors representing the club today - Rich Makin and Andy Logan in A Grade - and the family unit of Gary and Archie Wilson in B Grade.
As always the racing was fierce with Blood Hill sorting out the strong from the weak. The howling gale on the second lap meant that breakaways mostly got reeled in.
In A grade Rich was up there and tore the legs bridging across to the breakaway but found that effort told on Blood Hill and Rich finished proudly near the front. Andy chased down breaks and as often happens when you've just done a massive effort, some lurker attacks.

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3 Peaks 2013 - NSCC at Falls Creek

Youtube clip showing the NSCC guys riding at Falls Creek in preparation for the 3 Peaks challenge 2013.


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