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El Pres crash this morning - thanks everyone

Thanks to everyone on this morning's El Pres who stopped to help Mathew and myself after the tree limb fell and took us out on Mona Vale. I was held at RNS hospital for a few hours because my helmet was a bit broken and am fine now.

Special thanks to Mat who organised the ambulances, Paul for calling my wife, and Archie for dealing with my bike.

Video via Archie!

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El Pres ANL Road Rage handled well

ANL have handled this morning's road rage incident well after a couple of people called them. The driver has been sent home and is going to be dealt with on Tuesday. It's nice to see that ANL take our safety seriously.

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El Pres Bobo crash

Nasty crash on El Pres this morning going up Bobo that took out 3 riders.

Saw the broken fork, but is everyone ok?

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The bike thief who almost didn't get away

Below is a preview, click to read the full post

From my cycling buddy who happens to be an Air Marshall and ex marine:

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